Mortgage Rates Hit 4% sooner Than Economists Predicted: Check Updates

The recent rise in mortgage rates has affected the market badly. The 30-year fixed home loan has reached 3.92% this week. The figures have increased from 3.69% last week: the market has witnessed the highest rates in the previous three years. The inflation rise is the prime factor behind sky-high mortgage rates; the homebuyers are … Read more

Inflation Rise And Increased Unemployment Has Affected The US Economy Significantly

The new year arrived on a sad note for most Americans. The Federal government ceased the stimulus payments and the Child Tax Credit. Yet, millions of low-income families and individuals have received financial assistance for the last two years. The financial aid helped several families rise above poverty and raise their living standards. The families … Read more

Mortgage Rates Skyrocket As Inflation Hits High: Know The Updates

The mortgages rates have climbed up recently, and the housing market is under fire. The new and veteran homebuyers face unique challenges in buying new homes. The mortgage rates are at a 30-year high of 4.386%. Homebuyers need a higher credit score to secure home loans with 20% down payments. The borrowers need to manage … Read more

Recent Inflation Surge Brings US’s Political Structure Under Limelight

The recent rise in inflation has affected the economy to a large extent. The increasing prices of essential commodities and services are influencing everyday livelihood. The political leaders need to frame effective policies to keep inflation in check. Several politicians debate over the controversial policies that might have resulted in the present circumstances. The New … Read more

Are US Stimulus Checks Driving Inflation?

Social Security: Be Careful Not To Lose Up To 30% Of Your Benefits

Inflation usually rises after a recession or other economic disturbance, but should we blame stimulus cheques in this case? The interruptions produced by the covid-19 outbreak are one of the key reasons why the US economy is running hotter than usual. During the epidemic, the stimulus programs that kept many homes afloat also played a … Read more

Inflation In The United States Is Likely To Hit Its Highest Level In 40 Years

The CPI statistics for December will be released as the Fed prepares to tighten policy in the face of rising prices. In December, the US consumer price index is estimated to have climbed at its quickest rate in over four decades, as the Federal Reserve is concerned about the possibility of rising inflation and its … Read more