Americans Dissatisfied With The Economical Status As Well As With President Joe Biden – CNN Survey

According to a new survey, Americans are dissatisfied with the economic situation as well as President Joe Biden. According to the University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment index, consumer confidence is at its lowest point in more than a decade, due to the greatest annual inflation in four decades, while a totally separate poll found that … Read more

Biden’s Great Step Towards Economic And Infrastructural Growth!

Faced with a grim national image, President Joe Biden embraced the adage that politics is local on Friday, touting his intentions for the Conference of Mayors in the United States from the $1 trillion infrastructure package, reports He credited 360 mayors with helping to pass the bipartisan agreement in November. With the development plans … Read more

Democrats Pledge To Block Bill Without The Tax Break

President Joe Biden’s Democratic Party members are threatening to block a better spending bill to include expanding a federal deduction, including taxes paid to local entities and states, reports Reuters. The demand for expansion includes the deduction, also known as SALT, State and Local Taxes, demand from lawmakers in states such as California, New York, … Read more