Dale McCormick: Popular Soccer Coach Died At The Age Of 48

The secondary school’s renowned and well-known soccer coach was Dale McCormick. He was related to the girl’s soccer squad and a very successful person. He recently passed away in Melbourne on February 19, 2023, while he was in Florida.

The person went on to save his child and unintentionally drowned himself in the waters, according to the sports director of the school where he was continuing his coaching career. He had a very warm personality, was a good person, and was very accomplished in every aspect of his life. When he passed away, the entire Academy was devastated by his passing.

How Did Dale McCormick Died?

Dale McCormick recently passed away on February 19, 2023, while he was still living in Melbourne, Florida, and coaching the soccer squad for high school girls. The entire school was very interested in learning more about the man’s demise after he passed away.

The school’s athletic director reported that while trying to save his two kids from the water while on vacation with his wife and the other two kids, the situation became very dire and he ended up drowning. As the kids entered the water during the accident, he attempted to save them but ended up drowning.

Dale McCormick
Source: ABC News

Dale McCormick Cause Of Death

Dale McCormick recently passed away on February 19, 2023, at the age of only 48. He was on vacation, as the athletic director of the school had already stated, and he was not in contact with the school.

He then went on to enjoy a pleasant trip with his wife and two children. In the received report, it is explicitly mentioned that while on vacation, he went on to save his two children from drowning when they were in the water.

He then committed suicide by drowning in the ocean while attempting to save his children. For the family and the entire School, which was very close to the deceased, the news of the death was very sorrowful.


1. Who was Dale McCormick?

A. He was a well known soccer coach

2. What was his profession?

A. Soccer coach

3. How old was Dale McCormick?

A. 48 years old

4. What happened to Dale McCormick?

A. He died

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