‘Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah pays emotional tribute to black women at the end

South African comedian Trevor Noah finally Left “The Daily Show”. It was not easy when seven years ago Trevor take the seat of the host but he successfully completed his seven years in the show. In 2015 the South African comedian took a typical task in their hand after Jon Stewart. Stewart convert the show from disorganized to satirical and make their unique presence among previous Hosts Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Samantha Bee and others.

Jon Stewart runs the show for 16 years in a very successful manner so it’s not easy for Noah to handle the show and Stewart crafted the show according to his sense and humour. Apart from all of them both are very different personalities, Stewart was a Jewish man belongs from New Jersey while Noah was 31 years old and from a Swiss father and Blck Xhosa’s mom. Noah comes from South Africa to the US only just four years before. Noah earlier said in a news interview that he first watched the show on CNN which is the broadcaster for outside countries and he feel that Stewart was just a normal news anchor.

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For the last seven years, Noah managed “The Daily Show” in his own way and made the show very famous among the younger generation. Noah introduced some new things time to make the show interesting like culture-heavy jokes, tiny Online clips, and also some of his personal experience Joke. On a Thursday night, Trevor presented his last show full of emotions, jokes, emotional moments, tears and stories of the past and present. He ended his final episode as host and say thank you to every person who stick with him over the past seven years. He remembered the old days and said, “when we started the show, we don’t have enough people to fill the hall from the audience”.

“Thank you, everyone, who watched my show for over 7 years, share my clips on the internet, and had an opinion about my show,” told Noah. further, Noah added ” I know some people don’t like the show but we still maintain our ranking due to our loving audience, so thank you again for all of you.

The last episode was a mix of many emotions but he gives the main attention to the Black women who have made his life over the years. he also shared some personal instances” I observed that if you really want to about America talk to a Black woman, she told you about the real America”. he also gives his views about black women through some examples” If you really want to do something or why do you want to do it, talk to Black women, I’m here because of black women so I’m Thankful to my mother and every Black woman.

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