A brutal murder in Texas isn’t the first case in which FedEx has been in the spotlight

A 7-year-old girl from Texas was killed allegedly by a FedEx driver who accept his crime. The girl was found dead after missing for several days. the mother of the child express her feeling by writing on the Facebook page “No one deserves what happened to you.”

Mother of a girl named Marilyn Gandy told after the dead body of Athena Strand was discovered from Boyd on Friday. A 30-year-old FedEx contract driver Tanner Lynn Horner is charged with Murder and kidnapping of Strand’s death. The mother of Athena Strand shares a message on Facebook with the picture of her”Daddy and mommy were scared of how beautiful she has always been and we feel like we failed you, I love you my little princes and your mommy is broken without you”

athena strand
Image Source: Wise County Sheriff’s Office

In another post-Gandy remembered his daughter as the most beautiful, intelligent, happiest child could ever meet. she said I don’t want to be known as the mother of a girl who was murdered and discarded by a monster driver. I want everyone to know that a baby was taken from his mother. The girl’s murder was explained as a “crime of opportunity” as said by Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin, he further added that this incident happened during the delivering a package of something to a North Texas home. Girl’stepmother immediately reported her missing and just after 2 days body was found 10 miles far from her father’s house. the strange thing is the criminal did not know anything about the victim’s family.

According to the news Strand was living with her father and stepmother in Texas before she return to her mother in Oklahoma around Christmas. The police official Akin said ” it was the one the toughest case in my life because it include a child.

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