Nicole Foltz, mother of five children died of campfire accident

A Florida mother of five died after her 11-year-old son was seriously hurt in a backyard campfire accident.

Last month, Nicole Foltz, 38, allegedly sustained burns on 95% of her body after a campfire mishap in the backyard of her Tarpon Springs, Florida, home in Pinellas County.

Three days after the event, the mother passed away at the hospital, and now the neighbourhood is rallying behind her family as they prepare for Christmas without their “beam of sunshine.”

The woman’s husband, Jeffrey Foltz, stated that on November 14, they had a backyard fire while enjoying time outdoors with their children and friends.

Three days after a fire pit mishap in her Florida backyard, Nicole Foltz passed away in the hospital.

Mother of five died because of campfire accident 

“I had just entered the house, and to my knowledge, she decided to try to keep the fire going, to keep the fun going, and she added another log, but there was hardly any flame,” he told FOX 13 Tampa. “However, she thought, I suppose, that if she added a little gasoline, it might rekindle, and it did. It must have gone up the gas stream and burst in her hands after reaching the gas container.”

Nicole and Jeffrey Foltz are pictured with their children in a family portrait.
(Jeff Foltz)

Foltz and his 11-year-old son were rushed to Tampa General Hospital after the incident.

According to Jeffrey Foltz, the youngster has second-degree burns on about forty per cent of his body.

He was hospitalized for twelve days before returning home late.

“He’s holding up rather well. Jeffrey Foltz told FOX 13: “I’m sure the entire team was shocked to learn that two days after we returned home, he was walking.”

Nicole Foltz was an employee at Tarpon Tavern, which is arranging a memorial benefit in her honour.
(Tavern at Tarpon)

“I never left his side in the hospital, which was tough given my compassion for the other children there. I understand what it’s like to not have someone at your bedside 24 hours a day,” the father and widower told WFTS-TV.

Jeffrey Foltz remarked, “It’s one of those mindless actions you never expect to see in your family.” “Gasoline is no laughing matter in regards to fire. You must be cautious or abstain altogether.”

“I do not wish to read about someone else’s family experiencing this. It’s unimaginable,” he remarked.

Nicole Foltz was murdered in a backyard fire pit accident in Tampa.

The family intends to convert the fire pit into a birdbath, as the mother has always desired.

“Accidents do occur, and they may destroy your life,” stated Jeffrey Foltz to FOX 13. She affected individuals in ways I cannot comprehend.

“In every way, one of the finest and most honest individuals. She had a tough demeanour. “Everyone adored her,” he declared.

After the deadly fire pit accident involving Nicole Foltz, memorial images were shown.

The Tarpon Tavern, where Nicole Foltz worked as a manager and server, initiated a campaign for her family.

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