Seven-year-old boy dies of rabies from bite by BAT in Texas

After being bitten by a bat, A Seven-year-old texas based boy died from rabies and the cases start rising again for the first time in the last some years. The animal is picked up by the boy outside of his apartment in Medina County, Texas in August 2021 and after this event, the boy suffered from the injury. He immediately informed the parents that he had been bitten by the bat their parents did not take him to the hospital because there were no symptoms showing even no teeth marks are visible on the body. But gradually his condition worse over time period and the doctors were also in a dilemma when they got all the reports negative after all common tests of infections.

There are only five fatal rabies cases in the year 2021 as informed by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), but this number was the highest in the decade because in the duration of 2019 to 2020 not a single case founded. The Centers for Disease Prevention warned that rabies could come back into the country through imported animals from high-risk areas.

dies due rabies
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Through the infected animal, Rabies can be transmitted by the bite. Mostly Rabies is spread by dogs but coyotes, foxes, skunks, bats, and racoons can also spread the virus. If talk about rabies is a very dangerous disease and kills 99% person who does not get any type of medical care. A cure is also available named postexposure prophylaxis (PEP) is a very effective treatment and if this treatment provides early in the infection, it can save a life with a very high success rate.

If the virus of rabies is established in the body then it is impossible to cure rabies. Due to the reason of this infected person needs to get a series of shots as soon as possible otherwise chances of the development of viruses are high. The data from CDC also proved that if someone takes the shots of the treatment it reduced the chances of death because in the case of death four out of five did not take the shots of treatment and one did not take the Vaccines due to unknown fear.

The texas boy also did not receive the postexposure prophylaxis (PEP) treatment despite he already told the parents that he had been bitten by the animal. The parents did not realize the seriousness of the disease and they think there is no mark of the bite on the body so this is not a serious concern. Then boy scheduled his daily life and attended school without being aware that he was infected by rabies.

Two months later after this incident, the child was feeling itching in the arm and the hand and also feel pain in the arm, the doctors diagnosed it with normal teaching and discharge the boy after giving the oral steroid. The next day rashes arrived on one side of the body. The doctors treat it as similar to chicken Pox and gave a five-day antiviral course but the condition of the boy was falling down, on the next day he suffered from a high fever along with vomiting and excessive drooling. Then doctors changed the strategy and treat it as a central nervous system infection, but they’re nothing came in the test results.

When the doctor asked for detailed history the information came out that the child was bitten by the bat and suffered from rabies. all the treatments were done and the boy died after 22 days after his symptoms had appeared the first time.

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