Trump criticizes Biden, says attacks in Afghanistan should not have been allowed – 8/26/2021 – World

Former US President Donald Trump called the terrorist attacks in Kabul on Thursday (26) a tragedy and criticized Joe Biden’s government for not having stopped the suicide attacks.

So far, the Pentagon has confirmed the deaths of 12 U.S. servicemen – 15 others were injured. This is the first recorded death of a US officer in Afghanistan since February 2020, when two soldiers were killed after a man in Afghan army uniform opened fire.

At least 60 Afghans have also died in the attacks, and the death toll exceeds 140.

“Melanie [esposa de Trump] and I extend our deepest condolences to the families of our brilliant and courageous military personnel, whose service in the United States has meant so much. Our hearts are also with the families of the innocent civilians who died in the savage attack on Kabul, ”the former US president said in a statement.

The attacks on the outskirts of Kabul airport have been claimed by the Islamic State terrorist group Khorasan, the Afghan branch of the terrorist faction. “This tragedy should never have been allowed, which makes our pain even deeper and more difficult to understand,” added the Republican.

On the 15th, when the Taliban took Kabul, Trump even called for Biden’s resignation, also citing the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in the country. “It is time for the discredited Joe Biden to step down for allowing what happened in Afghanistan, but also for the vertiginous rise of Covid, the border catastrophe, the suppression of our energy independence and the paralysis of our economy.”

On the same day, the former president also declared that the departure of the US military from Afghanistan, organized by Biden, would be “one of the biggest defeats in American history.”

Despite the statements, it was Trump who ordered an end to US intervention in the Asian country, even allowing negotiations between the US government and the Taliban, in February of last year.

At the time, the agreement called on the fundamentalist Islamic group to commit not to carry out attacks, not to support terrorist groups and to negotiate with the Afghan government. In return, all troops of the US coalition and NATO, the Western Military Alliance, would leave the country by April 2021.

As recently as February last year, Trump also said he believed the peace deal would succeed, but warned that the US military could return to Afghanistan very quickly and with greater intensity than never if the terms were violated.

As recent events show, the deal has not been honored, but Biden has denied the possibility of postponing the withdrawal of US troops from the Asian country. Meanwhile, the Taliban recently declared that they would not allow an extension of the deadline for the withdrawal of Western forces from Afghanistan, set at 31. “It is a red line,” said spokesman Suhail Shaheen.

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