Opposition in Venezuela lifts boycott, says it will participate in regional elections – 31/08/21 – World

The main Venezuelan opposition parties, united in a group called G4, announced on Tuesday (31) that they would participate in regional elections on November 21, when the country will choose new governors and mayors. The decision breaks an election boycott by opponents that had lasted since 2017, when the Nicolás Maduro regime, through an election … Read more

Short investigates the roots of a Syrian family who immigrated to Brazil – Orientalíssimo

Unpretentious, the short documentary “In Memoriam” has only one character: the Syrian Jorge Samman. Driving his car and leaning over a low table, between puffs of cigarettes, he talks for ten minutes about his family. Then the credits increase. Despite the simplicity – or precisely because of it – “In Memoriam” is one of the … Read more

Government tries to respond to international pressure, recycles anti-deforestation package – 31/08/21 – World

Faced with international pressure against President Jair Bolsonaro’s environmental agenda, ministers Ciro Nogueira (Casa Civil) and Joaquim Álvaro Pereira Leite (Environment) tried to counter criticism of the government with a brief presentation of actions to combat fires and illegal deforestation in the Amazon. Despite Bolsonaro’s various anti-environmental statements and the history of deforestation progress, Ciro … Read more

Biden ignores fiascos, quotes China in defense of “extraordinary success” in Afghanistan – 08/31/21 – World

US President Joe Biden delivered a speech on Tuesday (31) to mark the end of the war in Afghanistan, in which he called the withdrawal from the country a “historic success”, as more than 120,000 people were evacuated there in a few minutes. weeks. The sortie, however, was marked by scenes of chaos, such as … Read more

“I would never form a coalition with the left”, says Merkel, of her succession – 31/08/21 – World

German Prime Minister Angela Merkel stepped down from the wall and marked a stronger position on Tuesday (31) in the election campaign for her succession, after polls show that her party, the Union (CDU / CSU), continues to fall. . Germany’s parliamentary elections take place on September 26 and will mark the end of Merkel’s … Read more