Strengthened international cooperation for a fair distribution of vaccines – 08/19/2021 – Worldwide

As the world continues to grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic, the vaccine is a powerful weapon in winning this battle. Among the measures taken by China to support the global partnership to fight the pandemic, announced last May by President Xi Jinping at the World Health Summit, is the proposal to create an international forum for cooperation on vaccines against the Covid-19.

This proposal was widely applauded by the international community and recently the first meeting of this forum was held, chaired by Chinese State Councilor and Chancellor Wang Yi.

President Xi Jinping sent a written message and the event had the virtual participation of government authorities from 22 countries, including Brazilian Chancellor Carlos Alberto França, heads of international organizations such as the UN and WHO, and representatives of 29 Chinese and international pharmaceutical companies and laboratories. .

According to the statement released at the end of the meeting, the participating countries reached important consensus to promote greater international cooperation against Covid-19 and a fair and equitable distribution of vaccines around the world.

First, they stressed the importance of the vaccine as a global public good, calling on all parties to step up their efforts for the availability and accessibility of vaccines in developing countries, providing them with as many doses as possible and, in particular, to the least developed countries. China is already a leader in this campaign, having already supplied more than 770 million doses to other countries.

President Xi Jinping announced that China will pledge to make 2 billion doses available later this year and donate $ 100 million to the Covax Facility program to help distribute vaccines in developing countries. This is another move by China to honor its commitment to make its vaccines a public good, aiming at a greater contribution to global cooperation in this regard.

Second, they refuted vaccine nationalism. At a time when problems such as insufficient production capacities, uneven distribution and imbalanced vaccination still arise, all countries must adhere to multilateralism in vaccines to foster cooperation, lift restrictions on the export of vaccines and IPAs [Ingrediente Farmacêutico Ativo] and support national companies in international cooperation in research and development, production and equitable distribution of vaccines through technology transfer.

China has already provided vaccines to Covax, UN peacekeepers and the International Olympic Committee. It has also launched a vaccine cooperation initiative within the framework of the “Belt and Route” initiative. Chinese laboratories will further increase their production capacity to ensure the availability of more affordable vaccines, mainly meeting the needs of developing countries.

Third, they decided to promote the renunciation of intellectual property rights for Covid-19 vaccines. The countries participating in the meeting will encourage international partnerships in production capacity through joint research and development, licensed production and technology transfer, adopting concrete measures to increase vaccine production in the regions. developing countries.

China has already expressed support for the breaking of patents on Covid-19 vaccines and has helped Brazil and several other countries become pioneers in their regions with the local production of vaccine agents. China will step up technology transfer and production cooperation with developing countries, and hopes the WTO will take a stand on intellectual property exemption as soon as possible.

As the largest developing country and responsible member of the international community, and always in favor of the concept of a global health community, China was the first country to fulfill its commitment to make vaccines a public good, as well as being the first to develop a partnership with Brazil in terms of vaccines and the supply of vaccination agents. And the products and ingredients shipped from China have greatly contributed to the fight against the pandemic among the Brazilian people.

At the International Vaccine Forum, Chancellor Carlos Alberto França said that Brazil’s priority is commitment to equal and accessible access to safe, effective and quality vaccines.

China, identified with this position, is on the side of Brazil and other countries for a common confrontation, privileging people, life, solidarity and partnership. Together, let’s preserve a bright future for the health of humanity.

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