Brazil tries to be on humanitarian flight to save 2 Brazilians from Afghanistan – 08/19/21 – World

The Brazilian government is seeking a place on humanitarian flights to rescue two citizens who are in Afghanistan and who have asked for help to leave the country after the takeover by the Taliban.

The removal of Brazilians is managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to interlocutors, who spoke on condition of anonymity, six Brazilians contacted the Itamaraty consular area and said they were in Afghanistan. Of that total, two requested help to leave the country.

The group is mostly made up of people with family ties in Afghanistan who have not recently arrived in the area.

The Taliban’s conquest of local power, consolidated with the capture of the capital, Kabul, on Sunday (15), created scenes of chaos, with the United States and other Western governments rushing to repatriate diplomats and citizens.

Thousands of Afghans who have collaborated with these nations and who fear the fundamentalist group’s new regime have also flocked to the airport in an attempt to leave the country – in episodes that have left people dead and injured.

On Monday (16), the government of Jair Bolsonaro had issued a statement in which he expressed his “deep concern at the deterioration of the situation in Afghanistan and the serious violations of human rights” due to the conquest of power by the Taliban.

In the statement, the file indicates that there is no trace of Brazilians living or in transit in Afghanistan. Brazil does not have an embassy in the country today. The diplomatic mission responsible for dealing with issues related to Afghanistan is located in Islamabad (Pakistan).

This Thursday (19), Folha showed that Brazil has facilitated the asylum process for Afghans who want to come to the country fleeing the fundamentalist group and is considering granting humanitarian visas to people of that nationality, as it did it with the fleeing Syrians. of civil war.

Today, there are few Afghan refugees on Brazilian territory: 162 already recognized and 49 processes underway, according to updated data from the Ministry of Justice. An increase in the number of people leaving Afghanistan is now expected, and Brazil may be an option for some of them, especially those who already have family members or acquaintances here.

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