Brazilian left celebrates Castillo’s virtual victory in Peru, plays down undemocratic positions – 06/09/2021 – World

Leaders and parliamentarians of left-wing parties in Brazil commemorated the virtual election of Pedro Castillo to the presidency of Peru and played down the anti-democratic and backward positions in the field of civil rights defended by the high school teacher. For Brazilians, much more important than the apparent contradictions is the new defeat of the Latin American right, in particular of the surname Fujimori, responsible for one of the main dictatorships in the region, in the 1990s.

Thus, the recent wave of favorable results for the left in Latin America is amplifying – with the exception of Ecuador – which, they believe, is the harbinger of Jair Bolsonaro’s defeat in 2022. ” We see it with great joy, with positive airs for our Latin America. He [Castillo] he is hard-working, with progressive positions. Peru needs it. Keiko [Fujimori, adversária no segundo turno] it was terrible, ”said MP Gleisi Hoffmann (PR), national president of the PT, the largest leftist party in Brazil.

According to Gleisi, possible undemocratic threats from Castillo, who threatens to disrupt the institutional order and is against abortion and same-sex marriage, for example, must be put into perspective. “This has to be assessed, I don’t know if he said that more in the heat of political debate, to demarcate a position, or if he really has a position on it. Now, any action in this regard, he will have to debate with Peruvian society. The president will not do it. He has autonomy, at least within the rules that I know, “explains Gleisi.

For the federal deputy Rogério Correia (PT-MG), the probable result in Peru is the reflection of the erosion of the privatization and ultraliberal project in the region. “Of course, the first leftist government in Peru shouldn’t be easy. But it shows that the winds have blown differently in Latin America,” he says, citing recent results in Argentina, Bolivia and the formation of the Constituent Assembly in Chile.

“With the exception of Ecuador, in every last election the left has won. We see how this can also have a positive impact in Brazil. According to Correia, some of Castillo’s positions also need to be analyzed over time. “On these questions of feminism, of gays, the position of the PT is very radical in favor of minority rights. But I must say that in the second round he did a lot of what he said,” he said.

For the PT, there is a process to be followed by Castillo. “It could even be the absence of a more in-depth debate on the left position. The PT, for example, in its early days, did not have this radicalism in the defense of minorities. It saw it more as a class problem. , darkness, homosexuality We never attacked, but they were not points of defense like today within the PT, it is a process.

Federal MP Alice Portugal (PCdoB-BA), in turn, affirms that the result in Peru is “a great step forward for Latin America, which will recover from this wave of the right which has devastated the countries of the region. , to dissatisfaction with social rights and the life of the people ”. “I hope that Brazil will soon follow this path [em 2022]. If it can be before, outside of Bolsonaro. “

Regarding retrograde positions and those with an anti-democratic tendency, Portugal says it hopes that Castillo “understands the need to open up to international relations and to promote the greatest possible internal harmonization”. “From now on, each country, its reality, each people, its government. I therefore want to defend the self-determination of each people and I hope that this oxygenation leads to harmonization and that this transition takes place in peace, democracy and participation. “

PDT National President Carlos Lupi said Joe Biden’s victory in the United States and elections in Peru give people hope the world can improve. “The winds of democracy are starting to blow in the Americas,” he said. On the protests against the rights of minorities, Lupi says that we must take into account the origins of Castillo. “Imagine that rural people think like us, in urban centers, it is impossible. It is normal to have more retrograde visions, in all countries it is like that.”

Other members of the left-wing subtitles also came forward on social media, even before the result was confirmed in Peru. The national president of the PSOL, Juliano Medeiros wrote on Twitter this Tuesday (8): “Victory of Fernández in Argentina and of Arce in Bolivia. Crushing defeat of the right in the Constituent Assembly elections in Chile. Virtual victory for Pedro Castillo in Peru. People on the streets in Paraguay and Colombia. Something is happening in America. There are reasons to be hopeful.

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