Putin reinforces Western phobia, says British ship could be sunk without generating WW3 – 6/30/2021 – World

A week after firing warning shots at a British military ship off the coast of Crimea, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a belligerent speech against Western forces during his annual interview with voters on Wednesday (30) – the first since the start of the Covid pandemic and on the 18th of the mandate. Last week, … Read more

Donald Rumsfeld, US Secretary of Defense during the Cold War and the War on Terror, dies at 88 – 6/30/2021 – World

Donald Rumsfeld, secretary of defense under Presidents Gerald Ford and George W. Bush and responsible for commanding American strategies during the Cold War in the 1970s and, decades later, the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, died this Tuesday (30) at his home in Taos, New Mexico, at age 88. The cause was multiple myeloma, according … Read more

China-Brazil relations: reflections on a centenary – 30/06/2021 – Latin America21

On July 1, the Chinese Communist Party celebrates its 100th anniversary. China is Brazil’s largest trading partner, the destination for more than a third of national exports, but there is little debate in the country about the impacts of the Asian nation’s political system on Sino-Brazilian relations. The centenary of the festival is an important … Read more

Allies in the rise of the Chinese Communist Party, Moscow and Beijing almost went to war in 1969 – 06/30/2021 – World

Last Monday (28), Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin exchanged jokes during a video conference during which the friendship treaty between China and Russia was renewed. “As the world has entered a period of upheaval and change, and humanity faces various risks, the close Sino-Russian cooperation brings positive energy to the international community,” said the Chinese … Read more

The “sausage war” between the United Kingdom and Europe wins 3 months of truce; see recipe – 06/30/2021 – World

The UK and the European Union have reached an agreement to impose a truce in the so-called “sausage war”, a day before the deadline to ban the entry of chilled British meat into Northern Ireland. After threats from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to unilaterally disregard the rules of the withdrawal agreement signed in Brexit … Read more

Chinese Communist Party’s centennial slogan ‘miracle’ of ending poverty controversial – 06/30/2021 – World

The main banner of the Chinese Communist Party’s centennial celebrations and obsession over the past decade, China’s poverty eradication has been compared to a “miracle” by leader Xi Jinping. The “complete victory” announced by the Chinese government has even awarded medals to the bureaucrats involved, but the feat has sparked controversy and is contested by … Read more

When the principle of non-intervention is used to protect regimes – 30/06/2021 – Latinoamérica21

In the 1960s, the defense of the principle of non-interference cost Argentine presidents Arturo Frondizi (1962) and Arturo Illia (1966) their governments, among other reasons, for opposing US intervention in Cuba and Dominican Republic. The defense of this principle by these governments, overthrown by the military who found support in Washington, was justified to protect … Read more

Kim Jong-un reveals ‘big mistake’ in North Korea’s fight against Covid-19 – 06/30/2021 – World

Two days after telling the WHO (World Health Organization) that there were no cases of Covid-19 in North Korea, dictator Kim Jong-un fired several members of the Party’s elite workers for a “serious incident” linked to the coronavirus, “which has created a great crisis for the security of the country and its population”. The warning … Read more