Back in Brazil, doctor detained in Egypt cries and says he is childish and unhappy – 06/09/2021 – world

Dr Victor Sorrentino, who was detained in Egypt after posting a video in which he made sexual comments to a Muslim saleswoman, made his first public statement after returning to Brazil. In a live posted this Tuesday evening (8) on Instagram, where he has 932,000 followers, he apologized for broadcasting the video in which he exposed the woman, declared to have left Egypt without owing anything to the Justice and that he spent “the best and worst times” of his life in the country.

“They investigated me and it was a tedious investigation. I really, really suffered. I had the best and the worst time of my life. The worst because I never imagined I would go through this and I never imagined that my family would go through what they went through. They haven’t heard from me for a while. This investigation was very painful because they don’t know how much people were suffering here, ”he said.

The doctor was detained in Egypt after posting a video on his social media in which he appears chatting in Portuguese with a papyrus seller. “You really like tough guys, don’t you?” »Asks the doctor. “Long is good too, isn’t it?” The long papyrus. Apparently embarrassed, the Muslim saleswoman says yes, smiles and is taunted by the doctor and his Brazilian companions.

During the live, in which he wore a T-shirt with the phrase “Father of all trades”, Sorrentino cried several times. The show has been viewed over 300,000 times and has received nearly 9,000 comments to date. His wife, Kamila Monteiro, posted videos on her Instagram profile of her husband arriving home, hugged by her son.

The doctor said on several occasions that he did not want to justify his actions, that he assumed he was wrong and that he was “childish and unhappy”. “I am a man enough to admit all my mistakes.”

He then tells the “background” of what happened. She claims that she did not have time to research Egyptian culture as the trip was decided three days in advance and the atmosphere in the papyrus shop where the saleswoman worked was a joke, including understood sexual. He also says that she is fluent in Portuguese.

Then he showed a photo he posed next to the attendant, with mythological figures drawn with his erect penis in the background, and a video of other local vendors making jokes about the size of Brazilians’ penises and of the Egyptians.

“They edited the video, just that part, translated it into Arabic and posted it on social media,” he said. “Do you realize that in this playful atmosphere, to forget like I did … And this forgetting is a mistake, not to measure the words, to use the wrong words in a joke that I did not have? not allowed to do with her, even though we had asked to film her explaining things… It can take on a gigantic dimension. I was very unhappy with the joke I played. “

“A person like me, who touches so many lives of so many people, was not allowed to do this,” he added at another point.

Sorrentino admitted he was “responsive” to the first negative messages he received about the video and took a long time to erase it. He also reiterated that he had apologized to the saleswoman and her family on several occasions.

According to him, the Egyptian did not want to file a complaint or accept any type of payment. In live, the doctor refers several times to himself in the third person.

“The authorities decided in everything they investigated that there was no reason to take legal action for Victor, there was no reason to deport Victor, he did there was no reason to withhold Victor’s passport and therefore Victor should take his course to marry with his passport, be able to return to Egypt whenever he sees fit without having to pay anything except the price suffering for almost six days under investigation under conditions different from those in Brazil.

Sorrentino has denied being a Pocketnarista, as reported by the press because he advocates early treatment for Covid-19 and because there is a video of President Jair Bolsonaro saying he is his “brother in uniform and in faith “. “I am not a pocket narist, I voted, voting for someone is not a pocket narist. It was just an option I made at the time, I don’t have an idol in politics.

He claimed to have been the target of a “summary trial” on social media, which he compared to the Inquisition and the Nuremberg Tribunal – a trial organized by the Allies against the Nazis after World War II. “It’s an exceptional tribunal, like the Nuremberg tribunal, the most famous, isn’t it? In which the Allies were placed to judge the Nazis. I’m not defending the Nazis, but it was an exceptional tribunal, in which we look for a way to prejudge people.

According to the doctor, his family and friends suffered attacks and threats. “They were tried, attacked, threatened because of 15 seconds of a video for which I apologized. From a seemingly irrecoverable error, using the wrong words. The same people who sometimes defend people who raped others, right? “

He said, however, that he had received thousands of messages of support and that in the six days he had spent under investigation he had felt “very close to God” and had been transformed. “One thing I was sure of, I needed to evolve, I needed to bring something positive to those who listen to me, I have this possibility to touch many lives.”

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