Trump returns to Fox to remember he, not Biden, is ‘the father of the vaccine’ – 4/29/2021 – Nelson de Sá

In an ABC survey, Joe Biden hit 100 days with a 52% approval rate, “the third lowest since Truman” in the 1940s. It would be worse without 64% vaccination approval.

And that’s what Donald Trump started for, when he resurfaced on Fox – still on the financial channel (pictured below), not the main one.

Biden doesn’t credit his predecessor and “that’s ridiculous,” Trump said. “They are very ungrateful people. I did the vaccine. They would like to take it, but even the fake news [como chama a imprensa] don’t give them credit for it. “

“I am the father of the vaccine because I was the one who forced it, in less than nine months it was a miracle,” he said, accusing Democrats of suspending vaccination with J&J for allegedly inappropriate links with Pfizer.

He took the opportunity to defend the overthrow of Senator Mitch McConnell as the Republican leader. Hours later, McConnell was interviewed by Fox News and replied that he supported Trump in 2024.


The FBI’s foray into the home of former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani sparked strangeness even on MSNBC, the most democratic channel.

In an interview Thursday, he asked Biden if he was aware of the operation. “I give my word that I didn’t know,” he replied. “I promised not to interfere in any way with the Justice Department’s investigation. My word: I had no idea.


Even the New York Times is starting to raise doubts about Biden, whom he spoke to Congress about. “He justified the overhaul of the economy as a necessary step to survive competition from China, in a speech interwoven with Cold War themes, without using words,” the newspaper published.

“Obama tried to rekindle this unifying national emotion with his unsuccessful call for the ‘Spunik moment of our generation’. A decade later, the challenge is even greater: a much more capable technological competitor and a much more complex military stalemate ”.


Theaters are starting to reopen in the US and the NYT is publishing reviews praising “Marighella”, directed by Wagner Moura. He recalls that Bolsonaro says he wants “a Brazil similar” to that of the dictatorship, and underlines the “urgency” of the film today.

“With an electrifying kinetic style reminiscent of ‘The Battle of Algiers’, close-ups of eyes and burning faces, the film is not just a biography – it’s a provocation. It’s fascinating. “

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