A benchmark in the fight against Covid, New Zealand faces mental health problems in the post-pandemic – 04/30/2021 – World

New Zealand has become a benchmark in the fight against the pandemic and allowed its citizens to resume normal habits in 2019, but a survey published by Massey University released this month showed that the country does not has still failed to escape the negative impacts of the health crisis. The Pacific island nation has … Read more

In meeting with Salles and France, Biden’s envoy discusses new environmental goals – 04/30/2021 – World

A week after the end of the Climate Leaders Summit, organized by Joe Biden, the US government’s special climate envoy, John Kerry, met this Friday 30 with Brazilian ministers Ricardo Salles (Environment) and Carlos França (Relations exterior). Biden’s aide announced the meeting on his social media and said it served to meet Brazil’s “important new … Read more

Convincing more Americans to get vaccinated will be Biden’s biggest challenge, academic says – 4/30/2021 – World

The acceleration of the vaccination against Covid in the United States was a great asset for Joe Biden at the beginning of his presidency, but now the challenge will be to convince more people to be vaccinated, estimates Jonathan Hanson, professor of political science at the University of Michigan. . “We are getting to the … Read more

US aid operation in Venezuela did not follow humanitarian principles, audit concludes – 04/30/2021 – Worldwide

A US-backed operation to send aid to Venezuela in 2019, which ended in a violent stalemate on the border with Colombia, was not planned according to technical and humanitarian criteria, according to an audit of the American agency involved in the action. A report from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), made public … Read more

11 of 12 judges in Floyd case ready to convict ex-policeman at start of deliberation – 04/30/2021 – Worldwide

Sitting in a hotel conference room, tables two meters apart, 12 jurors jotted down notes on sheets of paper to indicate their thoughts on a murder charge against Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis cop who was being prosecuted. death of George Floyd. When the foreman counted the votes that morning, one of the jurors recalled, … Read more

Is there an increase in women’s political participation in Brazil? – 04/30/2021 – Latinoamérica21

The presence of women in politics presupposes greater representation and in itself has a didactic character: the more women there are working in politics, the more other women are encouraged to run for public office. However, less than 15 out of 100 deputies in the Brazilian federal legislature are women. This wide distortion is repeated … Read more

There is no day like today – Normalitas

“Girl, this is a patient who has been PCR positive for over two months!” Here I am again with my modest pills from the hospital forehead. Micro-privileges (hhhmmmm errrr hããã) of those who are chronic patients and need to undergo periodic examinations. Today, a blood test is on the menu. The nurse, young and flushed, … Read more