Pope says he should get vaccinated next week, criticizes ‘suicidal denial’ – 01/09/2021 – World

Pope Francis, 84, has said he is expected to be vaccinated against Covid-19 next week and criticized those who oppose the vaccination. The statements were made during an interview with Canale 5, this Saturday (9).

“Next week we will start [a vacinação], I already have my appointment, “he said.” It must be done “, insisted the pontiff, to whom” there is a suicidal denial that I cannot explain “.

“I believe that from an ethical point of view, everyone should be vaccinated, because you are not only endangering your health, your life, but also that of others,” he continued.

“I don’t know why some people say ‘no, the vaccine is dangerous’, but if doctors present it as something that can be good, that does not present special risks, why not do it?” Pope.

In the interview, the Pope also said that people who work against democracy should be condemned, whoever they are, and that lessons should be learned from the invasion of the United States Congress by supporters of the president. Donald Trump last Wednesday (6).

“I was amazed because they are such disciplined people in a democracy,” he said. “Yes, this must be condemned, this movement, no matter who is involved in it,” he continued.

Francisco also said that “in the most evolved environments there is always something that is not working” and that there are people “who take a path against the community, against democracy, against the common good” .

Finally, the pontiff said violence can appear anywhere and it is important to understand what went wrong and learn from history.

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