F5 – Nerdices – Neymar was banned from the Twitch gaming platform after losing the Richarlison number

Sao Paulo

It’s not new that 27-year-old Neymar Jr. has already expressed his passion for video games. The star of the Brazilian team and the French soccer team Paris Saint Germain (PSG) is very active when it comes to matches. With that, it has excelled on the Twitch stream platform known for its esports.

However, on Monday evening (9), the Brazilian athlete announced that he had been banned for seven days from the channel he broadcasts live on during video game games. According to him, the ban came unintentionally after he disclosed the phone number of national team player Richarlison, 23.

The topic was a topic of conversation on social networks, and many Internet users commented on the punishment of the football player on the platform. “People even Neymar has been banned from Twitch, this company does not award anyone,” wrote one user on Twitter. Another joked and wished the ace “strength”. “You lost the best streamer,” he said.

Neymar has already reached 110,000 viewers when the game “Among Us” was broadcast. The PSG striker was recently struck by his Parça Gil Cebola during a Sign of Silence game.

The Twitch platform is one of the most famous in the gaming world. Subscribers and non-subscribers, the latter for free, can watch live streams at the same time. This year, the game streaming company decided to ban Bolsonaro’s son 04, Jair Renan, who said the pandemic was media history and the coronavirus was just a little cold.

The ban on Twitch was a recurring thing, according to users of the platform. A few days ago, Felipe YoDa, a former League of Legends professional player and one of the biggest streamers in Brazil, was also banned from the platform during one of his broadcasts.

Via Twitter, YoDa stated that the punishment was due to copyright. “Again without warning, even though I deleted all VODS (Videos on Demand) five years ago,” he said.

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