Microsoft launches new generation of Xbox – 10/11/2020 – Tec

Microsoft released two versions of the new generation Xbox video game console on Tuesday (10), one of which is dubbed “The Most Powerful in the World” and prices range from $ 299.99 ($ ​​1,584) to $ 299.99 ( R $ 2,640).

The strategy gives consumers more options on the company’s gaming platform, although the “Series S” version has been criticized for being less powerful than the “Series X” because it offers less storage capacity and advanced graphics features such as “ray” tracking.

The new generation Xbox will compete with Sony’s PlayStation 5, which will be released on Thursday (12th). The PS5 is widely recognized as the leader in the console race due to its larger player base and large library of exclusive games available at launch.

This marked the first time Microsoft had launched its console globally on the same day. The company said it had the highest number of Xbox pre-orders in multiple markets.

Although the initial inventory ran out quickly, Microsoft said additional lots would be available at launch.

Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service with 100+ games, including launches, is believed to be Microsoft’s primary weapon in countering Sony’s dominance. The Game Pass has more than 15 million members.

However, Xbox is suffering from a lack of exclusive games at the console launch after the latest edition of the “Halo” franchise has been postponed until next year.


Ray tracing
Computer graphics technology that simulates in the virtual world the path that rays of light take in reality, resulting in more realistic lighting and reflection effects. It has been used in movie special effects for a few years, but it is only recently that technology has advanced to the point where it can be used in games

SSD (Solid State Drive)
Replacement for old hard drives (hard drives) for information storage. No data is recorded there on physical media, which enables faster transfer of information

Screen resolution that counts to 3,840 pixels horizontally and 2,160 pixels vertically, four times as high as with full HD televisions (1920 × 1080). In general, it is only supported on smart TVs over 40 inches

HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Technology that enables high brightness and contrast in the images displayed on TV, resulting in more vivid and realistic colors

Update rate
The frequency with which the screen updates its pixels. A refresh rate of 120 Hz means the screen can display up to 120 FPS (frames per second). For comparison, films are traditionally shown with a refresh rate of 24 Hz or 24 frames per second.

Speed ​​architecture
Technologies implemented by Microsoft in the new generation of consoles with which the SSD works even faster, enables faster data transfer and shortens loading times

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