Flexdeal successfully completes the purchase of 19% of Raize

According to the results of the public tender offer launched by Flexdeal for 19% of Raize’s capital, unveiled this Tuesday by Euronext Lisbon, sell orders were issued on 2,807,028 shares, which determined a distribution coefficient of 0.34, since the object of the offer was 950 thousand shares.

Flexdeal announced the launch of the offering at the end of October, proposing payment of 90 cents for each share of Raize, a consideration that involved a 27% premium on the quotation value of the shares of Raize, which debuted at the Portuguese stock exchange, in June. 2018, to be worth two prices per share.

The offer period was December 14-28.

Alberto Amaral, President of Flexdeal, welcomed the result of the operation, adding that he hopes that the two companies can establish a strategic partnership and offer financing alternatives to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially in the current context of the pandemic. .

“You need to be able to realize that in times of pandemic, when businesses need new sources of funding, it’s important to have innovative solutions,” said the CEO of Flexdeal. Alberto Amaral also reiterated the desire to involve other entities in the partnerships, be it Banco de Fomento or another financial actor, so that these partnerships make it possible to strengthen the financial muscles and their capacity to action.

Before the offer, José Maria Rego and Afonso Eça, the founders of Raize, were the main shareholders of the company, each with 24.31% of the capital, with 2.42% of the capital in the hands of António José Silva Marques and the 48 others. , 96% distributed by the other shareholders.

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