For the first time in Germany, more than 1,000 people died in 24 hours

According to data released Wednesday by the Robert Koch Institute for Public Health (RKI), Germany has recorded more than 1,000 cow-related deaths in the first 24 hours since the outbreak.

A total of 1,129 deaths were reported in a single day and 22,459 new infections were caused by the virus.

962 cases were reported last Wednesday.

A total of 32,107 people have been infected with the virus in Germany since the start of the epidemic.

RKI warned that the figures for the last few days would not be complete, as regional health authorities did not send all of their data due to the Christmas holidays.

The number of infections and deaths fell dramatically over the weekend.

Germany, which was already familiar with the virus in the spring, was badly hit by the second wave of Govt-19 and had to reintroduce partial control until at least January 10.

Like other European countries, the country launched a vaccination campaign on Sunday. Residents of retirement homes over 80 years old and caregivers were the first to receive the Pfizer-Bioendech vaccine.

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