That’s it? SSC Tuatara tries again to exceed 500 km / h

As we reported here two months ago, after SSC Tuatara won the title of the fastest car in the world with the record breaking 532.93 km / h and averaging 517.16 km / h between two passes it was discovered that after all … had not reached these values. An exhaustive analysis of the recorded video has shown this.

From there followed a series of episodes – some rocambolescos – involving statements from various parties (including SSC North America) that sometimes contradicted each other, and even more in-depth analyzes of the record video.

All of this would culminate in a statement from Jerod Shelby, Founder and Director of SSC North America, saying that they would repeat obtaining the registration to eliminate all doubts about the Tuatara forever.

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Not until I say it’s over. On December 12 and 13, SSC North America put the SSC Tuatara back on the road to cross the 500 km / h barrier and claim the title of the fastest car in the world, succeeding the Koenigsegg Agera RS.

Take 2

There is no point in anticipating the answer. SSC Tuatara did not achieve this goal in this second attempt, having been plagued by a series of issues that prevented it from doing so. However, the potential to achieve this is certainly there, given the results achieved and, most importantly, the way in which they have been achieved.

Everything is explained in detail in a video posted by Robert Mitchell on his eponymous channel, one of the three main protagonists of the “dismantling” of the SSC Tuatara record attempt – the other well-known YouTubers Shmee150 and Misha Charoudin. SSC North America invited the three of them to travel to the United States to witness the re-attempt live, but due to restrictions caused by the pandemic, only Robert Mitchell, an American citizen, was able to attend.

Synthesizing Mitchell’s detailed description in the video, we learn that they used the same car as the first attempt – the first unit to be produced out of the 100 advertised – but this time, at the controls, it was its future owner. , who has some experience in a competition.

The SSC Tuatara was seriously “electronically striated” so that the speed recorded was effectively the speed achieved. Mitchell talks about installing five GPS systems, including two from Racelogic, monitored by the head of the company – there was no room for doubt. The device was such that the number of wires became an issue, especially those that entered the engine compartment, preventing the proper closure of the hood, which ended up opening on some occasions.

On the 12th, they were also treated by the rain, which forced them to postpone all the tests scheduled for the 13. Among the postponed tests were training passes for the new driver and owner, in order to keep up. familiar with the car, which still had little contact. For this, SSC technicians reduced the pressure of the two turbochargers of the 5.9L V8, which is why they would not charge the 1770 hp advertised.

Thus, on the 13th, the driver training and registration sessions were concentrated, which created additional problems. Isn’t the gradual acceleration of a car to a speed of 300 mph (483 km / h) not the same as some races up to 100 km / h – it is a considerable effort for the The whole vehicle, which includes the engine, which, as you can imagine, with so much power, generates a lot of heat.

More than 400 km / h with less than two cylinders and turbo at reduced pressure

It was precisely all this heat accumulated in the engine bay that caused two of the V8 sails to give way on the last attempt of the day to secure the record. In other words, not only was the turbocharger pressure lower than desired (it hadn’t been replaced), the V8 ended the day with just six cylinders.

This is where it gets interesting … Even though “injured” so to speak, the SSC Tuatara reached over 400 km / h (404 km / h) after having traveled only half of the planned route, from which the driver realized that something was wrong with the heart of the beast.

Despite all the controversy surrounding the first attempt, there is no doubt that SSC Tuatara has immense performance potential. Robert Mitchell, after what he saw live and in color, has no doubts that the American hyper-sportsman could win the title of the fastest car in the world, but…

… we will have to wait for the third attempt … which is already planned.

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