Is China making DNA modifications to make soldiers terrible?

New York, December 6, 2020, Wednesday

Genetic science and research in China have always been the subject of controversy. Genetic engineering is used around the world in agricultural research and crop improvement, but China is not ashamed to experiment with humans. According to information received, China is carrying out biological experiments on some of its soldiers. The goal of this experiment is to modify the structure of DNA to produce a super soldier. It was claimed that these soldiers would be able to cope with difficult situations, but they would also be in service as an emotionless robot. Some soldiers don’t even know that the experience is happening on their own.

The director of the US National Intelligence Agency has reportedly said that if the experiment is successful, it could also take on the most trained armies in the world, which could be a cause for concern. The process by which China makes biological changes is called grouped regular interpast short polydromic repeats. It is actually a DNA structure found in bacteria. So far, improved varieties of high-quality agricultural crops have been used for various diseases. These crops are called hybrids. However, by abusing this technique, any country can also experiment on humans.

Such suspicions were raised at the time, which appears to be true. China is also concerned about gene editing. Hai Jinku, a Chinese scientist, conducted experiments on seven people in 2016, but the results have yet to be released. This DNA tampering experiment is said to be linked to the Chinese military. Although China has not commented on the matter, it has received information from some of its classified documents. The secret documents from the Chinese Defense Ministry were mistakenly leaked to the media, in which China itself believed it had been working on gene editing since 2012 to increase the strength of its troops.

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