Israeli scientist Ishad claims aliens are in contact with America

Tel Aviv, December 8, 2020, Wednesday

The director of Israel’s former space defense program claimed that aliens in the universe are in contact with the United States and Israel, not only that, but incumbent US President Donald Trump knows a lot about it. The information on this has been kept secret because humanity is not ready to face the aliens. Ishad, who has been involved in Israel’s space program for 30 years, believes that an organization called the Galactic Federation was formed to operate a base on Mars under a secret deal with the United States.

According to information published in the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, US President Trump was supposed to make a statement on aliens but was arrested for some reason. Although it is not known how long the extraterrestrials have been in hiding, not only were they contacted during Donald Trump’s tenure, but there was an understanding between the extraterrestrials who came to Earth and America. Aliens want to understand the secrets of the universe by staying with American agents.

The aliens have been instructed not to report their presence on Earth to anyone. Ishda also claimed that aliens are mentally stronger than humans. According to the information received, this Israeli expert also wrote a book in which it is mentioned that the extraterrestrials helped to avoid a nuclear crisis on earth. Professor Ished retired in 2011 after a long stint in Israeli space security. In Israel, he is known as a supporter of the satellite program. He clearly believes that there are not only humans but also other creatures in space called aliens.

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