Data centers of 1 crore will be set up to equip the country with Wi-Fi

New Delhi, Dt

10 million data centers will be installed across the country to provide fidelity wireless internet (Wi-Fi) to the entire country. The Union Cabinet approved the bill at today’s meeting. Public Data Offices (PDOs) will be opened across the country. This office will in fact be a popular store. Interested buyers without any additional license will be able to launch a PDO.

People around will be able to use the Internet easily by purchasing a Wi-Fi subscription from the PDO Center. The government has announced the decision to facilitate data connection and internet access for the whole country as part of Digital India. The government has named the PM-Vani program.

Lakshadweep Island on the west coast of India will also be connected by fiber connectivity. For this, the cable will be extended from Kochi to Kerala. The government is working to ensure that 4G connections are available across the country. This government effort will also create new employment opportunities. The government is also planning to provide broadband connections to 2.5 lakh gram panchayats through Bharat Net.

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