Gandhinagar IIT discovers rocket fuel-improving substance

Ahmedabad, Tuesday

Researchers at IIT Gandhinagar have discovered an additive based on boron (a type of chemical). Various food additives are added to make the food spicy. In this way, the additive will be used in rockets and solid fuel missiles. Rocket and missile engines use two fuels, solid and liquid. Liquid fuel technology is so complex that not all countries are successful.

The negative point of solid fuel is that it significantly increases the weight of the rocket and decreases the average and also reduces the weight of the equipment placed in the rocket. This is why ISRO’s PSLV rocket cannot launch a gigantic satellite. This additive will be useful because it can work. Combining it with fuel will increase the speed of the rocket, increase the ability to lift weights, and also increase accuracy.

The research was presented by IIT researchers, Prof. Kabir Jasuja, Prof. Chinmay Goroi, and PhD student Harini. In addition to rockets, the additive will also be used in Indian Agni-type missiles. According to the researchers, adding just 1% of additive to the total fuel weight would increase the fuel efficiency of rocket missiles by 30%.

This additive is of the nano type, that is to say has a very fine size. In addition, the cost of its production is 20 times lower than that of the traditional additive. Therefore, this research can be of great benefit to India in the field of space defense.


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