Were the carnivores of the Indus Valley civilization 2000 years ago?

London, December 10, 2020, Thursday

Every Indian knows something about the culture of the Indus Valley, this ancient civilization is taught in history textbooks and therefore has a special bearing on the history of the 2000 year old human community. Foreign experts are also of great interest as there is strong and solid evidence of the Indus Valley in ancient cultures around the world. Important regions like Mohjo Daro and Harappa were included in Pakistan after independence. The Indus Valley Civilization was known for its urbanization Sue Sanskrit and the formation of its city. According to a shocking recent study, the inhabitants of the Indus Valley Civilization were carnivores as well. Research on their use of meat for drinking has been published in the Journal of Archaeological Science.

This claim was made by a researcher named Akshayeta Suryanarayana of the University of Cambridge. He took up the subject again in his doctoral thesis. Remnants of dairy products have also been found in ancient utensils in urban and rural areas of ancient northwest India. Currently, this area is located in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. However, as it is difficult to prove from the ships, the help of two expert archaeologists was also enlisted for this task.

Some people from the University of Cambridge were also involved in this interesting research. Jaya sites of the Indus Valley culture have been discovered including Alamgirpur in Meerut in Uttar Pradesh, Masudpur Rakhigarhi in Hisar in Haryana, Khanak in Bhiwani, and Farmana in Rohtak. During the excavation, a total of 15 utensils or pieces of utensils were found. Who were the people cooking in the kitchen at the time? The emphasis was more on their diet. According to the study, bones of pets like buffaloes and goats were also found in some of the vessels. In which the buffalo bones were 40 to 50 percent. Pork, buffalo and goat meat have also been observed.

Based on this evidence, research found that live animals between the ages of 6 and 7.5 were used as food. Sick animals were used for milk while males were used for breeding. There were two types of people in the Indus Valley civilization, urban and rural. In some places, in addition to animals such as deer and deer, partial evidence of birds and insects has been found. The inhabitants of the Indus Valley civilization had a varied diet but also ate meat for the first time.

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