Who Is Ash Regan? SNP Gender Radical Fails In Leadership Competition

At the polls, SNP voters chose among Ms. Regan, Humza Yousaf, and Kate Forbes. Ms. Regan got the fewest first choices in the final vote, which meant Mr. Yousaf and Ms. Forbes advanced to the vote.

If she were to win the leadership contest, the 48-year-old MSP for Edinburgh Eastern promised to give party members more authority while reviving the SNP. The party’s president, Mike Russell, rejected the 48-year-old’s proposal to allow members to alter their votes if they changed their minds.

Entery In Politics

Before relocating to Cumbria, Ms. Regan attended primary education in Scotland. After completing her studies in international relations at Keele University, she went on to work in marketing and PR at different companies. Later, in 2007, she obtained a diploma in public relations from the London School of Public Relations, and from the Open University, she obtained an MSc in development management.

She entered politics for the first time when she was appointed director of campaigns and advocacy at the Common Weal, a Scottish think tank that supports independence.

Following the public’s rejection of Scottish independence in the 2014 vote, Ms. Regan entered Holyrood and joined the SNP. Prior to the 2016 Scottish Parliamentary elections, she was chosen as the party’s nominee for the Edinburgh Eastern seat, taking the place of sitting SNP member Kenny MacAskill.

Ministry Position

Ash Regan
Source: CNN

The first two years of Ms. Regan’s tenure in the Scottish Parliament were spent in opposition positions. She worked as the cabinet secretary for culture, tourism, and foreign affairs’ parliamentary liaison. She also served on Holyrood’s finance and constitution committee as well as the economy, jobs, and equitable work committee.

She was transferred from the economy committee to the health and exercise committee in November 2017, where she was given the position of deputy convener. But after Nicola Sturgeon reorganised the Cabinet in June 2018, Ms. Regan succeeded Annabelle Ewing as the minister for community safety.

Who Were The Other SNP Candidates For President?

The early front-runner, Kate Forbes, came under fire in the first week of the election after claiming that if she had been an MSP at the time the bill was approved, she would have voted against gay marriage. She said, “As a matter of conscience, I would have voted in accordance with the mainstream teaching in most major faiths that marriage is between a man and a woman.

The Health and Social Care Secretary, Humza Yousaf, pledged at the beginning of his campaign to “re-energise the independence campaign in the best interests of our nation.” Mr. Yousaf is expected to occupy the position for the first time ever by someone from a minority ethnic group.

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