Becky G’s Fiance Sebastian Lletget Caught Cheating – Is Their Engagement Over?

Becky G, the 24-year-old pop singer, has been left heartbroken after her fiancé, Sebastian Lletget, seemingly admitted to cheating on her just three months after they got engaged. The couple has been together for four years and announced their engagement in May 2021.

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What happened between Becky G and fiancé Sebastian Lletget?

Lletget, a 29-year-old professional soccer player, posted a message on his Instagram story that many fans interpreted as a confession of infidelity. The post read, “I messed up, I’m sorry,” and included a broken heart emoji. The post was quickly deleted, but fans had already taken screenshots and shared them on social media.

The post left fans wondering if Lletget had cheated on Becky G, and if so, with whom. Some fans even accused Lletget of cheating with a former flame, model Amanda Pacheco. Pacheco and Lletget were seen together in photos on social media in the past, sparking rumours that they were romantically involved.

Fans express disappointment and support for Becky G

The news of Lletget’s alleged infidelity has left Becky G’s fans shocked and disappointed. Many people have used social media to support the artist and encourage her to leave Lletget. Others are optimistic that the pair may work through their differences and remain together.

Some fans are also frustrated with Lletget, saying that his behaviour is unacceptable and that he should be held accountable for his actions. Others are criticizing Becky G for staying with Lletget after he was previously accused of cheating in 2019.

Lletget’s previous cheating scandal

This isn’t the first time Lletget has been accused of cheating on Becky G. In 2019, he was accused of flirting with another woman on social media. At the time, Becky G spoke out about the rumours, saying, “I know my man, so I know what’s true and what’s not.”

Despite her defence of Lletget then, some fans are now speculating that the 2019 rumours may have been accurate and that Lletget has been unfaithful to Becky G multiple times.

What did Sebastian Lletget say? Becky G’s fiancé

So far, Becky G has not publicly commented on the situation. However, many fans speculate that her recent social media posts, which include quotes about heartbreak and moving on, may be a response to Lletget’s alleged infidelity.

Some fans also speculate that Becky G may be staying quiet to protect her relationship with Lletget. The couple has been together for four years. There has been relatively private about their relationship, so it’s possible that Becky G doesn’t want to share details about their personal life with the public.

In conclusion, Becky G’s fans rallied around her after her fiancé, Sebastian Lletget, seemingly admitted to cheating on her just three months after they got engaged. While the singer has not publicly commented on the situation, her fans are expressing their support and hoping she can find a way to move forward. Lletget has not yet explained or apologized for his alleged infidelity.

The situation is a reminder that even celebrities aren’t immune to infidelity and relationship problems. To sustain a good relationship, couples must talk openly and honestly with one another. Cheating may destroy a relationship, and it is up to both parties to reestablish trust and go on.

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