Who Is Tomasz Kosowski? Arrested Plastic Surgeon For Mysterious Lawyer Demise

In relation to the disappearance of attorney Steven Cozzi, Tomasz Roman Kosowski, 44, has been detained and accused with first-degree crime. Cozzi was last seen on March 21 at his place of employment, Blanchard Law.Police stated that although Cozzi’s corpse has not been located, evidence indicates that Kosowski was responsible for his demise.

What Happened To Surgeon?

A Florida plastic surgeon is suspected of assaulting a lawyer who vanished from a company that defends former coworkers the former was suing. The lawyer was employed by the firm.

In connection with the disappearance of Steven Cozzi, Tomasz Roman Kosowski, 44, was detained on Saturday and charged with first-degree assault, the Largo Police Department announced in a press release.

Cozzi, age 41, was last seen on March 21 at his place of employment, Blanchard Law, situated at 1501 South Belcher Road in Largo, which is west of Tampa. Jake Blanchard, the managing partner of the company, told WFLA that after going to the bathroom at work one day and never coming back, he reported his best buddy Cozzi missing.


When police said they responded to a missing person report on Tuesday, they discovered Cozzi had left his office and left behind his wallet, car keys, and cellphone. Police reported that he had left behind his car but was never seen leaving the premises. Despite the fact that Cozzi’s corpse has not been located, police said they have proof that Kosowski, who goes by the name Dr. K.

On Saturday, Tomasz Kosowski was taken into custody in association with the disappearance of Steven Cozzi on a first-degree criminal charge. Police reported finding tiny drops of blood as well as “a strong chemical odour” in the law firm’s men’s restroom. According to police, a forensics examination found “a significant amount of blood in the same bathroom.”

Tomasz Kosowski
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Detectives allegedly tracked down Kosowski after starting to look for a suspicious person and car that they had seen at the office. He was arrested on Saturday after police said they discovered evidence during a search of his Tarpon Springs home. The proof was not further described by the police. The Largo Police Department has been emailed by Newsweek.

According to online documents, Kosowski was arrested and taken to the Pinellas County Jail around 4:15 a.m. on Sunday. As of this writing, he is still being held without bond. The documents don’t say whether he has a lawyer.

The Associated Press (AP) and the Tampa Bay Times reported that Blanchard Law is defending Kosowski’s former boss and coworkers in the ongoing lawsuit he brought against them. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Kosowski sued those connected to Laufer Institute of Plastic Surgery for negligence, violation of contract, and fraudulent misrepresentation.

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