Who Is Anne-Marie Duff’s Husband?

A well-known British actress and storyteller are Anne-Marie Duff. Because of her work in the movie The History of Mr. Polly, Anne-Marie Duff is well known. Anne-Marie Duff plays Grace Williams in the “Bad Sisters” television series from 2022 until the present.

Who is Anne-Marie Duff?

Anne-Marie Duff, who was born on 8th October in the year 1970 is an English actress and narrator as well. Duff made several television appearances in “Trial & Retribution,” “Aristocrats,” and “Amongst Women” during the late 1990s after receiving her degree from Theatre Centre in London. Her breakout roles included the character of “Fiona Gallagher” in the Channel 4 drama series called “Shameless” and another character of “Queen Elizabeth I” in The Virgin Queen, both of which led to BAFTA Best Actress nominations for her in the year 2007.

Who is Anne-Marie Duff’s Husband?

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In 2006, Duff wed Scottish actor James McAvoy and four years later their marriage, their son was born. However, after being together for nearly 10 years, Duff and McAvoy announced their divorce on 13th May in the year 2016. They couple initially lived with each other in North London while they were not working anywhere else so they can together minimize the interruption in their son’s life.

Speaking of her divorce, Anne acknowledged that she is a hopeless romantic, and because of that, she occasionally burns with both want and anguish, and because of the nature of sharing her emotions with another person. She added that as ironic as it may sound, there are times in a marriage when you are never closer than when you both decide it’s time to end. Moreover, when Duff was a child, her father used to refer to her as Smudge lovingly.

About Duff’s Career Life

Duff made her debut on television in the year 1997 in episodes of the ITV drama called “Trial & Retribution” as Cathy Gillingham. Later, she played the role of Henrietta of England in the BBC television film called “Charles II: The Power and the Passion” in the year 2003. Moreover, she has also made appearances in series like “Amongst Women” and “Aristocrats” as the character of “Lady Louisa Lennox”.

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She originally gained popularity in Britain thanks to her portrayal of “Margaret” in The Magdalene Sisters series released in the year 2002. Duff has also played Alison McCarthy in a supporting role in Holby City as well. With Dawn French and Catherine Tate, Duff portrayed Holly in the first season of the Simon Nye sitcom called “Wild West” in the year 2002. Furthermore, in the year 2002 in “The Magdalene Sisters” Duff played the role of “Margaret McGuire” in her first significant film role.

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