SF’s Pier 39’s Discovery Of DJ Jeffery “JV” Vandergrift’s Body In The Water Led To His Demise

Late in February, the radio DJ, 55, went missing. Police affirm that they don’t suspect any wrongdoing.

What Happened To Jeffery?

It has been established that the corpse discovered at Pier 39 in San Francisco is that of missing radio host Jeffery “JV” Vandergrift of Wild 94.9. The body that was discovered in the water at Pier 39 in San Francisco is definitely that of Jeffery “JV” Vandergrift, host of the Wild 94.9 program, according to the SF Medical Examiner’s Office.

As word spread of the passing of their cherished coworker and Wild 94.9 host, Jeffery Vandergrift, the cohosts of “The JV Show” opened up about their emotions live on radio. police from the SFPD arrived at Pier. Just before 5 o’clock on Wednesday, SFPD officers went to Pier 39 and discovered a person in the ocean. According to police, the person’s demise was verified at the site.

The corpse was identified as Jeffery Vandergrift, 55, on Thursday by the San Francisco Medical Examiner. Vandergrift had been missing since late February. Police affirm that they don’t suspect any wrongdoing.

 His Demise Is Confirmed

New information about Jeffery Vandergrift’s farewell performance is coming to light after the missing DJ’s wife declared that “JV will not be coming back” for Wild 94.9 in San Francisco.

JV had previously disclosed that he had a serious case of Lyme disease, which frequently caused him to experience “brain fog.” JV provided a report on his health while speaking to a fan during what would be his final performance on February 23.

Doctor discusses sickness and absence the Bay Area Jeffery Vandergrift, the presenter of Wild 94.9, suffered from. He said, “It began with them thinking that something had rekindled previous infections. “I can manage the body, the pain, and everything else. I’ll never be able to explain to you what it is doing to my psyche.

Source: tvguide

Lyme Disease Symptoms

The symptoms of Lyme disease include fatigue and lightheadedness, but they can also include sadness, anxiety, and even rage. “Thank you for a wonderful life, filled with joy, laughs, pain, and struggle,” JV wrote in his final social media post.

The Bay Area expressed its affection, prayers, and thoughts to JV’s friends and family on Thursday morning. Please feel free to share your experiences with us. On Thursday afternoon, a memorial for JV outside of the iHeartMedia offices in San Francisco started to fill up with photos, flowers, and notes for the late radio host.

We will all mourn JV dearly because she was special to us all. We will set aside some time to recognise and reflect on JV’s accomplishments to our company, and we’ll keep you informed as we organise any memorial or commemorative events. Although the reason of demise has not been released by the authorities, it was well known that JV had been in trouble for some time.

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