The True Lesson Of The John Wick Films Is That Money Breeds Violence

He feels like neither a superhero nor an antihero in the superhero/antihero spectrum of Hollywood blockbuster movies. He carried out assassinations for huge amounts of money, fell in love, quit his job as an assassin, and then went on a four-movie rampage to exact revenge for a slight he had suffered.

John Wick: Chapter 4

He is not trying to save the world, and he is not thinking about the ethics of what he is doing. He is only irate. With John Wick: Chapter 4, the series’ fourth installment, his rage has found a particularly interesting target: the affluent. Anyone with a lot of money in the world of John Wick cannot live without using violence.

Assassin-turned-hotelier Winston (Ian McShane) frequently refers to “the animals,” the business of assassination in the John Wick movies is an honourable one, supported by laws and ensconced in luxury. The appeal of the John Wick series is greatly influenced by the laws of contract murder. The biggest surprise of the first movie, however, wasn’t its dedication to surgically precise widescreen action that redefined the action-thriller genre, but rather the intricate lore that was purposefully left out of its trailers and that only becomes relevant halfway through the film.

Fantasy Element In John Wick

The way people use wealth as a weapon is the greatest fantasy element in the John Wick films, not the excessive amounts of bloodshed.

John wick
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Even the most common street thugs can vie for multimillion dollar assassination bounties in his world, but for the real players—men like John and the elite assassins who want him dead—money isn’t an issue. It is entitlement. From the first John Wick, the notion has been promoted that in his world, a person can enter a building, slide a token across a desk, and anticipate complete deference and first-class luxury. Players with the appropriate amount of money can access everything provided in these glimmering areas.

The idea that real wealth entails not needing money itself has been put to death by Gentleman’s Quarterly. There is only one difference between John Wick and James Bond. Which takes us full circle to the original query: What kind of hero is John Wick? He appeals to viewers who have a deep-seated desire to destroy everything and start over and who believe that the world is so broken that they are unsure of where to start with its repair. But they do know who to accuse, and they know where to find retribution in the John Wick films.

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