About Ilary Blasi’s Husband Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, a former Roma and Italy icon, parted ways last year after spending 20 years of married life together, although both have since moved on from each other.

Who is Francesco Totti?

Francesco Totti, an Italian former professional football player who only played for the national team of Roma and Italy, was born on 27th September of the year 1976. “L’Ottavo Re di Roma” aka “The Eighth King of Rome,” “Er Bimbo de Oro” aka “The Golden Boy,” “Er Pupone aka “The Huge Baby,” and “Il Capitano” aka “The Captain” are several nicknames that he usually gets named with by his admirers and the sports media channels.

Why did Totti and Ilary Got Divorced?

Francesco Totti, who has a reputation similar to David Beckham, is regarded as a soccer god in his native Italy. But, since he and his TV presenter ex-wife, Ilary Blasi separated, his private life has come to light quite a bit.

After 20 years of being together, the couple, who wed in the year 2005, got divorced recently in the last year. Totti, 46, has since claimed he discovered evidence that suggests Blasi, 41, was having an extramarital affair behind his back.

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti: what lies behind the "new pact"
image source- Napolike.com

Their three children, Cristian, 17, Chanel, 15, and Isabel, 6, are their joint responsibility. Totti called his children the absolute priority in his life, insisting that he still had great respect for Blasi, and he pleaded with the media and fans for privacy throughout the separation process. Despite having three children together, there seems to have been building friction for some time. The result was a split in July of this year, and the pair is currently at odds about purses, watches, and a cat without fur.

Both Ilary and Francesco Move On

Ilary Blasi, Francesco Totti’s ex-wife, made her new partner public just six months after her bitter divorce from the Roma great. Totti, who was spotted with Noemi Bocchi back in October, has already moved on with her. Yet as of late, Blasi seems to have found a new beau of her own as she frequently posts teaser photos of herself with an unknown guy pal on Instagram.

According to our sources, the unidentified man is Bastian Muller, a businessman from Germany, who was mentioned in the pictures Blasi shared with her 2.1 million followers on Instagram. The photographs were of only a man’s hand caressing her leg, while the other was of a luxury restaurant dinner table when they were out for some meal, so TV presenter Blasi is trying to keep her new flame in the shadows for at least a little longer.

Italy and Roma legend Francesco Totti splits from wife Ilary Blasi after 20 years and three children together | The Sun
image source- The Sun.com

Totti and Blasi will both be relieved that their contentious divorce, which made headlines last year, is now behind them. Totti published a statement confirming the news of their split, admitting the decision was a sad yet no longer avoidable circumstance.

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