Who Is Tyler Toney’s Wife? Find Out Everything About Tyler Toney’s Married Life

Recently, Tyler Toney of DUDE PERFECT and his wife Bethany talked openly about their marriage, their preparation for parenthood, and the part that faith has played in their lives.

Tyler Toney
Tyler Toney; image credit- Instagram

Tyler Toney’s Love Story

After encountering on a beach excursion with their church, Tyler and Bethany became friends for years before getting married in 2011. Tyler left his job due to the success of DUDE PERFECT’s videos, which at first worried Bethany. But after witnessing her husband’s success in a field he loved, Bethany decided to go after her career as a special education assistant.

Tyler Toney’s Marriage Was Crumbling

Tyler left his work to pursue his passion full-time after the comedy group Dude Perfect unexpectedly became widely recognized. Large opportunities appeared at that time as major brands started collaborating with the organization. Later, Bethany, his wife, also left her work. The couple soon found themselves enjoying the life of their dreams. But Bethany suffered several miscarriages as a consequence of it. She felt her pain engulf her at that moment.

Tyler Toney’s Ignored His Wife

Because she felt like her husband was ignoring her during that time, Bethany became very furious with him. She struggled with her pain and grew more bitter toward her spouse. She claimed she was constantly witnessing my spouse attend red-carpet events, mingle with famous people, and take advantage of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. She was shattered and at home.

Because of the possibilities presented by “Dude Perfect,” Tyler never put his wife first. When the couple eventually became pregnant, their marriage began to truly crumble. Although Bethany was happy to be a mother, she was still bitter toward her spouse. Having her second kid, Bethany became pregnant once more two years later. This time, Bethany was steadily overcome by Beth’s escalating bitterness. Once again having to parent her children on her own, she was devastated when she learned she was expecting her third child.

Bethany remembered that she could see yet another kid that she would be responsible for on her own. The pair were forced to address their marital problems in October 2020, during the pandemic. Eventually, she told Tyler that she had had enough of him prioritizing Dude Perfect over our family. As a result, they spent some time apart. Tyler came to terms with what he caused to his family at that point.

After this especially trying time, Bethany claims that her husband came to her and claimed that he had never before had a personal relationship with Jesus. He being that spiritual leader and putting Christ first in their marriage was kind of the one thing we felt was missing in their marriage, so witnessing him say that kind of put everything in context for her. Toney started holding weekly men’s bible studies at his home, calling them “irreplaceable” in his Christian life. Toney stated that going forward, the group hopes to continue to have a spiritual impact on the sizable audience with a restored marriage and purpose.

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