How Liam Neeson’s Wife Passed Away?

A lifetime of love. Although Natasha Richardson passed away in the year 2009, her husband, Liam Neeson has never stopped praising her. When they were both working on Broadway’s Anna Christie back in the year 1993, the Taken actor and Parent Trap actress met for the first time with each other. Richardson and producer Robert Fox were already wed at the time, but they could not deny their chemistry with the native of Northern Ireland.

Who Was Liam Neeson’s Wife and What Happened to Her?

Richardson, the daughter of director Tony Richardson and actress Vanessa Redgrave, passed away in March of the year 2009 at the age of 45. Tragically, in March of the year 2009, while on a ski trip in Québec in Canada, with the couple’s eldest son, the British actress fell on a beginner slope at Mount Tremblant.

Natasha Richardson: Inside Her Shocking Death
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She was reportedly carried back to her room after hitting her head without a helmet and declining medical assistance. She said that she had a tumble in the sno when Neeson asked about it. Neeson has kept himself occupied with work since her passing on March 18, 2009, and has remained largely silent about his loss. He always spoke fondly of the 15 years they spent together when he talked about his love.

How Richardson and Liam Neeson’s Relationship Started?

Richardson referred to the start of her relationship with Neeson as poor timing because it happened while her marriage was ending, but she didn’t let it hinder their future. ,The Cabaret actress admitted to the Daily News in an interview that obviously, she fell really in love with him. This interview was published in March of the year 2009, soon before she and Fox called it quits.

She also admitted that she didn’t care about Neeson’s reputation as a ladies’ man. Richardson remarked, that she was happy that women fall in love with him because she knew the reason behind it.. After Richardson travelled to Poland while Neeson was filming Schindler’s List in response to receiving a birthday card from the actor, their fling quickly blossomed.

Liam Neeson's Sweetest Quotes About Late Wife Natasha Richardson
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After coming home, the couple bought a farmhouse in upstate New York, and they got married there in July of the year 1994. The couple’s first joint motion picture, Nell, was released in theatres in December of the year 1994. Six months later, they became parents when their son Micheál was born in June the following year and next year, their son Daniel was born.

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