Why Is Ryan Tubirdy Leaving The Late Late Show? When Will His Last Episode Be Aired?

Ryan Tubirdy, an Irish television host, has declared his resignation as the Late Late Show’s host. On Friday, May 26, RTÉ One will air Mr. Tubridy’s final show. Who will take over as the show’s presenter in his absence has not been decided.

Ryan Tubirdy
Ryan Tubirdy; image credit- Irish Mirror

Ryan Tubirdy’s Statement

In response to the news, Ryan Tubridy stated that it has been an honor for him to present the Late Late Show for the past 14 years. He would like to express his gratitude to the outstanding groups of producers, researchers, crew, and executives who have worked tirelessly to keep the program running over the years. He is appreciative of the audience for their consistent support of the Late Late Show. In addition to contributing to the 30 million euros raised for Irish charities, including the over 15 million euros raised for the island’s many children’s charities, which are especially dear to him. He is sincerely thankful.

Ryan Tubirdy’s Decision To Leave The Show

Ryan Tubridy has spoken candidly about his choice to leave the Late Late Show, claiming that he intuitively knew it was the right moment to do so. The radio and television personality shocked his RTE coworkers when he revealed he was leaving the Late Late Show following 14 years in charge. Ryan admitted to having a difficult time making the choice but felt it was the correct one. Just 2 days before he turns 50, on May 26, he will make his farewell broadcast.

Ryan Tubirdy: The Host Of The Late Late Show

Since 2009, when he replaced Pat Kenny as host, the broadcaster has been in charge of the talk program. Brian Cowen, the Taoiseach of Ireland, was Tubridy’s very first interviewee on The Late Late Show. His interview garnered a 62% viewer share. In December 2009, Gay Byrne, the show’s initial host, was one of Tubridy’s visitors. Tubridy has frequently had disagreements with his guests while presenting The Late Late Show, which includes Gordon Ramsay, Louis Walsh, Sinéad O’Connor, former MEP Paul Murphy, and Mia Farrow.

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