South African Rapper Costa Titch Passed Away, Cause of Death Unknown

According to a statement on Instagram by his family, South African rapper Costa Titch tragically departed away after performing at a music event this past weekend. Tsobanoglou’s family said on his Instagram that they were “very saddened” to have to announce his sudden demise at this time. They added that they were grateful for the emergency personnel and everyone who was there during his final hours. However, the reason for his death was not mentioned in the announcement.

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South African rapper and composer Costa Titch passed away at a music festival that was held in Johannesburg, according to sources, bringing a devastating end to an exciting musical performance. While playing one of his songs, the 27-year-old passed out on the stage itself. Afterward, he rose and resumed his performance before suddenly passing away again.

South African rapper, Costa Titch, collapses during concert. Watch | Mint
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Following the news, several public figures, including Julius Sello Malema, a member of the South African parliament—politicians, musicians, celebrities, and others, have all offered their sympathies towards the rapper and his family. When the incident occurred, Costa Titch was performing his concert at the Ultra South Africa music festival that was being held in Johannesburg.

His fans on his social media are saddened by videos of the artist performing on stage moments before passing out. One of the videos, which a Twitter user posted, showed the artist getting back up on stage right away after falling. Even so, he kept singing. However, he fell again after a short while and didn’t get back up. Many volunteers could be seen approaching him for help after the event. The rapper’s death exact cause is still a mystery.

Costa Titch, What To Know About Him?

Costa Tsobanoglou was the young South African artist’s original first name. Costa Titch, as he was affectionately known, was a native of Mbombela, a town that is located close to Mozambique and Swatini’s borders. Recently, he released a remix single with the famous American singer Akon. Big Flexa, his biggest hit, has more than 45 million views on the famous online streaming platform, YouTube.

Rapper Costa Titch dead at 28 after collapsing onstage during music festival
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His other songs, like Phezulu and Nkalakaatha, have also become more well-known in recent times. Costa Titch also recently spoke in interviews about how his mother inspired him and positively influenced his music career. By finalizing 14th position in a hip-hop dancing competition that was held internationally, he achieved worldwide popularity. His songs have gained more popularity since he uses Izizulu idioms in them.

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