Arn Anderson’s Son Barrett Anthony Lunde Died At The Age Of 37

The tragic news that his son Barrett has passed away at the young age of 37 has been disclosed by Arn Anderson, an AEW member and WWE Hall of Fame inductee. Let’s look at Barrett Anthony Lunde’s cause of death in more depth and how Arn Anderson’s son died.

How Did Barrett Anthony Lunde Died?

Barrett Anthony Lunde, the son of Arn Anderson, died away at the age of 37. In a message on social media, Arn Anderson broke the heartbreaking news that his son Barrett had passed away at the young age of 37. The news comes as the professional wrestling industry is still in mourning over Jamin Pugh, better known as Jay Briscoe, who passed away suddenly in January.

Barrett Anthony Lunde Cause Of Death

We regret having to notify you of the passing of Barrett Anthony Lunde. Barrett Anthony Lunde was thought to have a pleasant disposition. Given the recent news, many people must be interested in learning the exact cause of death for Barrett Anthony Lunde. The exact reason for Barrett Anthony Lunde’s passing has not yet been made public. As soon as new details become available, we’ll update this report.

Who Was Barrett Anthony Lunde?

Barrett The firstborn of wrestler Arn Anderson was Anthony Lunde. Arn Anderson is a renowned professional wrestler and a WWE Hall of Fame inductee. He began his journey in 1982. Both Anderson and Brock, his younger son, are presently employed by AEW. He was a four-time NWA/WCW World Television Champion, which he often referred to as his “world championship,” and he is regarded as one of the best tag team wrestlers in history.

Barrett Anthony Lunde
Source: ABC news

He also had a successful solo career. Highlights of Anderson’s tenure included his alliances with Ric Flair and several wrestlers from the stable The Four Horsemen in the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and World Championship Wrestling. (WCW). After his departure, he worked as a matchmaker for WWE before joining AEW in 2019. His son Brock Anderson also sought a career in professional wrestling while working for AEW.


Losing a loved one is among the worst experiences anyone can have in life. Any journey must have a final goal. Sadly, the person’s time on earth has now come to a stop with their death. We extend our love, prayers, and wishes for eternal peace to his family, friends, and loved ones. Peace be upon him.

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