Is Alex Wagner Married? Who is Sam Kess?

Now an anchor and correspondent for CBS News, Alex Wagner co-anchors CBS’s show called “This Morning: Saturday” along with covering breaking news all week long. Apart from this, Alex also co-hosts The Atlantic’s weekly news and affairs podcast called Radio Atlantic. Moreover, her debut book called Futureface, which explores issues relating to contemporary American identity, will be published this year in April.

Who is Sam Kess Married To?

In August of the year 2014, Kass wed MSNBC journalist named Alex Wagner Blue Hill in Stone Barns, a place situated outside of New York City. At a dinner reception held at the White House in the year 2013, MSNBC pundit Richard Wolffe introduced the couple to each other.

After keeping their relationship a secret for almost a year, both Sam and Alex decided to marry each other. Barack and Michelle Obama, as well as their two children Sasha and Malia, attended the wedding celebration and congratulated the newlywed couple.

Who is Alex Wagner's husband, Sam Kass? | The US Sun
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Kass resigned from his position as White House chef soon after their wedding so that he could spend more time with his beloved wife, Wagner. “This has been the greatest work of my life and I presume will be the greatest job of my life,” Sam spoke on a news channel about his experience of working at the White House. He added that nonetheless, he wanted to be with his wife and spend more quality time with her.

About Alex Wagner’s Husband, Sam Kess-

When serving as the president’s chef at the time, Sam Kass was considered crucial.
Once Obama was elected to the White House back in the year 2009, Sam got the job at the White House and kept it until the year 2013.

Kass has also collaborated with the former US President’s wife, Michelle Obama, who was the first lady at the time, to launch “Let’s Move,” which is a campaign made to fight juvenile obesity. To represent changes in dietary practices across the United States, Obama also constructed a kitchen garden on the grounds of the White House.

Following his inclusion on Fast Company’s list of the 100 Most Innovative People, Kass has helped to launch the American Chef Corps, a culinary program that aims to advance diplomacy.

Who is Alex Wagner's husband, Sam Kass? | The US Sun
Image source- The US

He is the co-founder of Acre Ventures, a company that invests in such companies that operate to make fundamental changes in food and agriculture to address big-scale concerns in human and environmental health.

Kass also stated that his work with Acre Ventures focuses on environmental health, climate change, and human health as they relate to the food system 2021 interview with Chefs for Impact.

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