Survivor Season 44: Medically Evacuated Contestant Is Invited Back To Play Again

In Survivor 44 season premiere, Three separate players needed medical attention during the first three days as a result of mishaps or illnesses brought on by the heat; two of the hopefuls were able to continue, but one’s journey was cut short minutes after it started.

Survivor Season 44
Survivor Season 44; image credit – TV Insider

Accidents In Survivor Season 44

Bruce Perreault plunged headfirst into the Survivor competition. The issue was that while diving, his cranium ran into a beam. The mishap, which occurred during the first challenge shortly after host Jeff Probst greeted players to the game, left Bruce’s head bloodied and ultimately caused him to collapse and go unconscious during the challenge. The 46-year-old insurance salesman from Rhode Island looked to be recovering enough to continue competing after the Survivor medical team hurried in with oxygen along with supplies to get Bruce awake once more. But later that evening, Bruce began to have severe pain as well as discomfort, and after another trip to the hospital, he was taken off the field on a gurney.

Bruce PerreaultTo Return In Survivor Season 44

Even though it might seem like the worst-case scenario to be dropped from the season after just a few hours, it turns out there is a bright spot in that gloomy situation. It is still uncertain whether Bruce will return as a returning player or with a team of only rookies, as well as which season it will occur in.

The declaration makes Bruce the very first person since the all-winners installment of season 40 to be explicitly urged back, even though there has been a slew of big identities over the past several seasons — Naseer Muttalif, Maryanne Oketch, and Cody Assenmacher, to indicate a few — that surely would ultimately be on an acquiring end of a request whenever the next returning player initiative rolls around. It continues to be seen if they reach the same shore as Bruce.

Matthew Blankinship: Survivor Season 44 Cast Member

The upcoming Survivor member, who hails from Albany and is 27 years old, resides in San Francisco, California, right now. The competitor is an Oberlin College alumnus who graduated in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. He also served as a school tour guide while in college. Matthew prefers to think of himself as optimistic, sympathetic, and determined. Before taking a position as a software engineer at Google, he began his job as an engineer in software development for Amazon Lab126 for one and a half years.

Matthew claims that ten years ago, he used to inform anyone who would listen that he would eventually appear on the show. Despite always being afraid to apply, he is now prepared to complete this unresolved business and is extremely enthusiastic about it.

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