A Pennsylvanian Man Was Detained After Reportedly Attempting To Bring Explosives On A Flight

According to an FBI affidavit, an airport surveillance camera image reveals alleged suspect Marc Muffley at Lehigh Valley International Airport.

What Happened In Pennsylvania?

A Pennsylvania man was detained by federal officials this week after it was claimed that he attempted to bring explosives on a flight from Lehigh Valley International Airport to Florida in his suitcase.

Court records state that an alarm went off when bombs were discovered in Marc Muffley’s luggage. Prosecutors claim that Muffley was paged by TSA agents over the airport intercom system and instructed to report to the security counter, but he failed to do so.

Security cameras reportedly captured Muffley leaving the airport shortly after that. According to judicial records, he had checked his luggage on Flight 201 to Orlando Sanford International Airport.

According to court records, the FBI got in touch with the chief of detectives for Carbon County who claimed to know Muffley directly and who also verified that Muffley’s address matched the one on his driver’s licence.

Suspect Is Arrested

An FBI spokesperson stated, “The FBI arrested Marc Muffley, 40, without incident at his Lansford, Pa., home late Monday night.

According to the FBI spokesperson, Muffley is still in detention and will appear in court for the first time on Thursday.

According to investigators, a safety bomb technician X-rayed the bag and discovered that it contained a powder that was covered in plastic wrap and was compatible with “commercial-grade fireworks.” The circular compound had a fuse connected, according to the investigators.

The item “was indeed a live explosive device,” bomb technicians concluded, according to TSA.

Source: CNN

The TSA said in a statement that “catches like this illustrate the point” that its officers are “highly educated and highly skilled professionals” at the forefront of aviation security.


According to Colin Riccobon, the airport’s head of public relations, the airport remained closed for more than two hours following the incident. The response from numerous agencies, including two bomb teams, showed “tremendous teamwork,” according to Riccobon.

According to court documents, Muffley was accused of retail larceny. In September 2017, he entered a guilty plea, and a year of supervision was imposed.

According to court records, Muffley continued to owe penalties for a number of his court cases as recently as December 2022. Prosecutors made several attempts to have his probation revoked, but it’s not known if they were successful.

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