Prospect Anderson Comas Of The Chicago White Sox Comes Out As Homosexual

On Sunday, Anderson Comas, a minor league infielder for the Chicago White Sox, came out as homosexual on social media, urging others to “not heed to those ridiculous things that people say about us.”

What Did Anderson Comas Said?

Comas, who joined the group in 2017, warned his Instagram followers that the group “may not be for you” if they harboured homophobic views in the opening of his post.

The White Sox prospect tweeted, “This may be my most personal thing I ever reveal and it’s that I’m proudly and joyfully part of the LGTBQ+ community.”

The 23-year-old Dominican pitcher and outfielder lashed out at his detractors, calling being a professional baseball player the “greatest thing that happened to me.” He stated that he chose to come out in the open in order to “inspire those like me.”

As a result, he remarked, “I just want to say something to those people who claim that gay people can not be someone in this world, but look at me I’m Gay and I’m a professional athlete so that didn’t prevented me to make my dreams come true.”

Please, he said, “don’t listen to those foolish things that people say about us; fight for your aspirations; believe in yourself; and go for it.”

People Praised Him

Anderson Comas
Source: ABC news

Chris Getz, the White Sox associate general manager, praised Comas on Twitter and wrote.

Getz said in a statement, “We are all very proud of Anderson and that he feels comfortable sharing such a crucially personal part of his life so publicly with the world through his social media post today.

Taijuan Walker of the Philadelphia Phillies, Vinnie Pasquantino of the Kansas City Royals, and Mark Canha of the New York Mets all tweeted in Comas’ favour. Billie Jean King, a champion of homosexual rights and a tennis legend who was compelled to come out in public in 1981, also commented on his revelation.

Comas is the third minor league baseball player in history to publicly come out, according to CBS Sports. He joins former Milwaukee Brewers first baseman David Denson and pitcher Solomon Bates, both of the San Francisco Giants.


1. Who is Anderson Comas?

A. He is a Chicago White Sox minor league player

2. What is his profession?

A. Chicago White Sox minor league player

3. What is Anderson Comas Nationality?

A. American

4. How old is Anderson Comas?

A. 23 years old

5. What Happened to Anderson Comas?

A. He came out as gay

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