Who is susane caccioppoli? a mother who beats cancer twice

A “dedicated and protective” mother was discovered dead following Hurricane Gabrielle’s devastating floodwaters. A mother of two who had survived breast cancer twice was one of the eleven persons killed by the cyclone.
A lady whose corpse was last seen going behind a wall of water has been found, her daughter says. Let’s go deeper into the mystery surrounding Susane Caccioppoli and discover her identity and what happened to her.

What happened to susane caccioppoli?

A “devoted and protective” mother who had twice overcome breast cancer has been found dead in the home she and her partner were housesitting in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

Widow After Susane Caccioppoli was last seen by her boyfriend Gareth early on Tuesday morning as floodwaters tore through the Esk Valley property where they were staying, her daughter Bianka-Lee Bryan reported her mother’s death on social media.

The authorities said that her body was found on Bay View beach late last Tuesday.

Cyclone Gabrielle: Napier, Hawke's Bay flood victim Susane Caccioppoli was a 'devoted and protective' mother - NZ Herald
Source: NZ Herald

Who is Susane Caccioppoli?

Bryan claims that in the preceding 15 years, Caccioppoli had two bouts with breast cancer, resulting in over 11 surgical procedures. In our hearts, she will always be the dove.

After the passing of her devoted father and our devoted spouse, she has had some very trying years. Though she had many challenges to overcome, her unwavering love for her family was the incredible glue that held us together.

Bryan said the family was comforted by the thought that “she is now held firmly in Dad’s arms,” despite their hope that her mother would soon return with an incredible survival story to tell.

Cyclone Gabrielle tragedy: How Susane died?

To the extent that her happiness in finding her true soul partner brings solace to us, we want the same for her friends and family. Despite being built on 1.2-meter piles, the Eskdale property that Gareth and Susane were housesitting was swept away by floodwaters at “absolutely insane speed” around 2.30 on Tuesday morning.

According to Maik Beekmans, the home’s owner, the couple was inside the house, and Gareth locked up some of their more valuable possessions since he didn’t think the situation could get much worse.

While everything was going on, the water level continued to rise. It was very dangerous for him to leave the land at that time since the water was too deep for any vehicle to securely cross. no ship here The situation is hopeless; one cannot go away. Water started rising and Gareth and [Susane] were trapped, so he smashed through the GIB board in the ceiling to get to them.

Over the ceiling, they ascended. When they were up there, they also used a 40-foot container to take off the front of our house. “ The wall of the living room was shattered. It was at that time, as stated by Beekmans, that the house became more welcoming.

Gareth said he was harmed in the hospital incident and that Susane had passed away that night. It appears to us that he lost track of her that night. She disappeared beneath the ocean’s surface. She disappeared from under the house, and her whereabouts are still unknown. Yesterday, he said, was the most terrifying day of his life.

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