Kristin Cavallari Reveals Her Laguna Beach Boyfriend Was Matt Leinart

The identity of Kristin Cavallari’s boyfriend from season 2 of Laguna Beach, NFL star Matt Leinart, was revealed for the first time. After her love triangle with Stephen Colletti and Lauren Conrad ended, Kristin took over as the show’s narrator when the MTV reality series returned for a second season. When Stephen left for college, it was the end of Kristin and Stephen’s romance, and she began dating someone new, called Matt. Kristin said he played football for USC, but the show never revealed his surname. When Kristin started dating again, Stephen seemed resentful.

Anyone who listened to the latest edition of Kristin and Stephen’s podcast and was curious about Stephen’s successor on Laguna Beach may now find out. The newest episode of Back to the Beach with Kristin and Stephen is a recap of the season 2 premiere of Laguna Beach, at which time Kristin introduces her new boyfriend, Matt, to the rest of the cast and crew. The USC Trojans’ quarterback at the time, Matt Leinart, was identified by Stephen as the “Matt” in question. Kristin validated this, adding that she and Matt are still close friends. The actress of Laguna Beach has stated that she dated Matt when she was 18 and that he is a good person. This dated back to the second semester of her senior year of high school.

Dating of Rolling Terrain Kristie Cavallari and Jay Cutler.

According to Kristin, “that year he was on top of the world, and I was really pleased about it.” Her co-star on Laguna Beach quipped that she had never dated a “quarterback” before, referring to her history of dating players like Jay Cutler (whom she dated for seven years). Despite this, Kristin has stated that she would prefer not to date another athlete. In a later scene, Kristin and Stephen see that Kristin appears melancholy when bowling with her friends, and they speculate that this may be related to her relationship with Matt.

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They never revealed anyone’s last name because the show ran before the era of reality TV where everyone appeared on a programme with the hope of becoming famous. Because of this, Kristin never revealed who Matt was, a decision that worked to the show’s advantage because it heightened the mystery. While we never saw Matt on the show, he was a crucial player in the conflict between Kristin and Stephen. Kristin was clearly thrilled with her new relationship and thought her boyfriend was far more interesting and mature than her high school boyfriend, Stephen.

Even though Kristin and her Laguna Beach season 2 boyfriend didn’t end up together, they’re still on good terms and she holds no animosity against him. Stephen has also overcome his envy and petty nature in regards to Matt. The ex-football player, perhaps, won’t object if his ex-girlfriend mentions him on her show. Kristin may have brought him up because she thinks he’s decent, and if he is, he’ll know why. Perhaps he will reflect on his brief romance with Kristin on the Back to the Beach podcast.

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