Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu Died On 7th January, What Is The Cause Of Her Death

Grammy-winning gospel singer Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu, the wife of All Nations Bishop Bheki Lukhele, has passed away.

Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu
Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu; image credit – Medico Topics

Tribute To Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu

A heartfelt tribute to Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu was published online by Spholesihle Dlamini, a close friend of the late woman. It read, “Goodnight, friend. Simply, I will always adore you. I’ve read a lot of the negative comments made here, but what the haters fail to realize is that you were a brave young person. Because you didn’t let epilepsy stop you, you shone even more brightly than before. Some of us found you to be overwhelming, but those of us who know you well realized that Kumuntfu longakwati, “too much” was the right way to describe you.

Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu’s Cause Of Death

Many who knew Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu remarked on his kind and approachable demeanor. Given the recent occurrences, a lot of people are probably interested in learning the precise cause of Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu’s demise. Tuesday night, Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu reportedly died suddenly at the Medisun Clinic. The gospel singer reportedly died at Medisun, according to her friends and family. We continue to be unsure of the precise cause of Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu’s death.

Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu’s Profession

At St. Mark’s Primary School, Ms. Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu was a first-grade teacher. She married Bishop Lukhele of All Nations many years ago. Her skill as a gospel singer earned her the 2014 Swaziland Gospel Artist Award. Many people have expressed their love for her and given their condolences to her family.


1. Who is the husband of Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu?

Ans.Nations Bishop Bheki Lukhele

2. When did Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu die?

Ans. 7th January 2023

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