John Balentine: A Man Who Killed Three Teenagers While They Slept, Is Executed In Texas

In Amarillo, John Balentine murdered three teenagers who were asleep. Texas killed a man on Wednesday who was found guilty of murdering three teenagers in 1998 while they slept.

What Happened To The Teenagers?

In January 1998, at a home in Amarillo, Texas, Edward Mark Caylor, 17, Kai Brooke Geyer, 15, and Steven Watson, 15, were killed. John Balentine, 54, was found guilty of their murders. At the time of the teenagers’ deaths, Balentine was 28 years old.

“Please allow me to thank you, ma’am. I appreciate your support so much. I’m sorry for the harm I caused to you all. I apologise, but I’m ready, ma’am “Before receiving a lethal injection, Balentine made a final speech.

At 6:36 o’clock He Was Declared Dead

Balentine’s execution was initially postponed when a judge revoked his execution date and warrant last week on the grounds that the 54-year-lawyers old’s had not received the correct notice as required by state law.

The Texas Parole Board unanimously decided not to commute Balentine’s death sentence to a lesser penalty or grant him a 30-day reprieve on Wednesday, while a separate stay request brought to a federal judge in Houston on that same day was also denied.

John Balentine
Source: fox News

A request to postpone Balentine’s execution was granted by the appeals court due to claims that “racism and racial concerns infiltrated” the proceedings of his trial.

According to Texas prosecutors, Balentine and Caylor’s continuous dispute was the cause of the shooting.

He Confessed His Crime

Balentine admitted to killing the teenagers, but according to one of his trial lawyers, he rejected a plea bargain that included a life sentence because he was afraid of how he would be treated in jail.

Prosecutors said that Balentine claimed he got threats because of his friendship with Caylor’s White sister.

The jury’s foreman, Dory England, is accused by Balentine’s counsel of harbouring racist views and intimidating other jurors into rethinking their decision to impose a life sentence.

Balentine’s attorneys also claim that prosecutors utilised their authority to disqualify all potential Black jurors from the jury.


1. Who was John Balentine?

A. He was the culprit who killed three teenager

2. What was his profession?

A. Unknown

3. What was John Balentine Nationality?


4. How old was John Balentine?

A. 54 years old

5. What happened to John Balentine?

A. He is sentenced with death penalty

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