Former TV Journalist Riz Sunawan Die: A Look Back at His Life and Career

We regret to inform you of the death of veteran television journalist Rizwan Sunawan. Rizwan was well-known for his exceptional journalistic abilities, devotion to his profession, and enthusiasm for bringing tales to life. He was a real professional and a well-known figure in the journalistic world. This article will look back at Rizwan’s life and career, exploring his journey from a young reporter to a seasoned journalist.

Early Life and Education

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Rizwan was born on the 10th of June, 1981, in Karachi, Pakistan. He grew up in a family of journalists, with both of his parents working in the field. From a young age, Rizwan was fascinated by the world of journalism and the impact it could have on society. He knew early on that he wanted to follow in his parent’s footsteps and pursue a career in journalism.

After completing his primary education, Rizwan enrolled in a journalism program at a local university. He was a diligent student known for his natural talent for writing and his ability to report on complex stories. His professors recognized his potential and encouraged him to continue pursuing his dreams.

Riz Sunawan Career Start

Upon graduation, Rizwan landed his first job as a junior reporter at a local television station. He was anxious to put his studies to the test and demonstrate his abilities. His dedication and hard work paid off as he swiftly advanced through the ranks, finally becoming a lead reporter.

Rizwan was known for his fearless reporting style, taking on some of the most challenging stories and bringing them to life with his writing. He covered various topics, from local politics to international events, and always approached each level critically. His devotion and love for his profession gained him a reputation as one of the country’s finest journalists.

Career Highlights

Throughout his career, Rizwan covered a number of high-profile events, including natural disasters, political upheavals, and major international summits. He was also known for his coverage of human rights issues, bringing to light the struggles faced by communities worldwide.

One of Rizwan’s most memorable moments was his coverage of the 2005 earthquake devastated northern Pakistan. He was one of the first journalists on the scene, providing live updates and in-depth disaster coverage. His reporting helped to raise awareness of the crisis and inspired people around the world to come together to support those affected by the disaster.

Another major highlight of Rizwan’s career was his coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He was one of the few journalists granted access to the games and provided unique insight into the event and its impact on China and the world. His coverage was widely praised and cemented his reputation as one of the best journalists in the region.


Rizwan will be remembered for his unwavering commitment to journalism and his passion for telling stories. He was a true professional, dedicated to bringing the truth to light, no matter the cost. His legacy will live on through his work, inspiring future generations of journalists to follow in his footsteps.


The passing of Rizwan Sunawan is a great loss to the world of journalism. He was a true trailblazer, known for his exceptional reporting skills and dedication to his craft. His legacy will be remembered for years to come, inspiring future journalists to pursue their dreams with the same passion and commitment he showed throughout his life. Rest in peace, Rizwan. You will be greatly missed.

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