Tyre Nichols died from ‘extensive bleeding caused by a severe beating’

Tyre Nichols, a Black man who died during a traffic stop in Memphis, Tennessee, died from “extensive bleeding caused by a violent assault,” according to preliminary results of an independent autopsy ordered by his family’s attorneys.

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“Preliminary tests suggest Tyre sustained considerable bleeding caused by a brutal beating,” attorney Ben Crump said in a statement. “His reported injuries are consistent with what the family and attorneys viewed on the video of his tragic contact with police on January 7th, 2023.”

According to CNN, Nichols diead three days ago

CNN stated that Nichols died three days after being pulled over by Memphis police for careless driving. Police said Nichols and the cops fought. 

On Monday, family attorney Antonio Romanucci stated Nichols was “defenceless the entire time” after studying body-worn camera footage of the event. For the cops, he was like a human pinata. For three minutes, it was a genuine, shameless, nonstop thrashing of this young youngster.”

In the aftermath of Nichols’ death, five police officers, all of whom are Black, and two members of the city’s fire department were dismissed.

Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy told CNN’s Laura Coates Tuesday night that a film of the event may be broadcast this week or next week. Still, he wants to make sure his office has interrogated everyone involved first so it doesn’t affect their testimony.

“Of course, once people see the video, a lot of people’s worries about what precisely happened will be answered,” Mulroy said, adding that he expects the city would release enough film to illustrate the “entirety of the event, from the very beginning to the very conclusion.”

Prosecutors are attempting to speed the investigation and believe they will be able to decide on possible charges “around the same time frame in which we consider the distribution of the video,” according to Mulroy.

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The autopsy report on Nichols has yet to be released. CNN has requested a copy of the independent autopsy, but Crump has stated that the complete information is not yet available.

Nichols, 29, died on January 10th, following a string of high-profile incidents involving police officers employing excessive force on members of the public, particularly young Black men.

“It’s awful. It is abhorrent. “It’s terrible,” Crump said after seeing the body-worn camera video with Nichols’ family on Monday. “It’s bloody. It’s problematic on every level.”

“What I saw on the video today was awful,” Nichols’ stepfather, Rodney Wells, said. “No father or mother should have had to watch what I witnessed today.”

According to Crump, Ravaughn Wells, Nichols’ mother, was unable to watch the film’s first minute after hearing Tyre ask, “What did I do?” According to the attorney, Nichols can be heard three times at the end of the video calling for his mother.

Crump, accompanied at the news conference by Nichols’ mother, stepfather, grandmother, and aunt, said the family characterized Nichols as “a wonderful kid” who liked skating, photography, and computers.

An investigation of civil rights is now underway.

The Tennessee Bureau of Inquiry is investigating Nichols’ death, and the US Department of Justice and FBI have launched a civil rights investigation.

According to the Memphis Police Department, there was a conflict when Nichols was stopped over, and he “fled the scene on foot.” Officers pursued him, and there was another altercation before Nichols was apprehended, according to a police statement posted on social media.

Nichols fled from the police because he was terrified, according to his stepfather.

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