Chester woman accused with choking, beating, branding, and forcing children to deliver “$exual pleasure”

A Chester woman was accused Tuesday with physically and $exually abusing four children, aged 7 to 13.

New Jersey has Anais Munoz, 19. On Jan. 25, she will be extradited to Delaware County for arraignment on child endangerment, aggravated indecent assault, involuntary deviant $exual intercourse, $exual assault, and associated counts.

The Delaware County District Attorney’s Office stated the abuse began in early 2020 when the defendant moved in with the victims’ family.

The probable cause affidavit states: “The aunt moved into the house in February 2020.” The aunt was friendly at initially but became nasty after few weeks.”

“This is genuinely horrible case involving the physical and mental torture of young victims,” said DA Jack Stollsteimer. The defendant choked, battered, and “branded” these youngsters using a variety of tools. The defendant used these torture devices to control her young victims to keep them from disclosing her horrible acts and to secure their $exual compliance.

She also exploited these youngsters to buy narcotics in Chester.

Details from the DA:

A lighter, hammer, torch, wires, hangers, computer, blades, knives, etc. were utilised to abuse the youngsters. The two eldest victims were burned with a hair straightener.

Pennsylvania woman charged with 'branding,' sexually abusing and using four children to get drugs: DA
Source: Yahoo news

Besides physical torture, the two eldest victims were forced to provide the defendant $exual satisfaction.

The younger victims witnessed and corroborated the charges of physical abuse on the two oldest victims. They were sometimes compelled to abuse.

If they alerted their mother about the mistreatment, the defendant promised more torture. The youngsters lied to their mother about the source of any injuries she saw. $exual assault occurred late at night when the victims’ parents were asleep.

Chester Police Officer Jennifer Jones received an allegation of child abuse on West Eighth Street.

Media’s Children’s Advocacy Center interviewed victims on Jan. 5. Dr. June Elcock-Messam, a Wallingford child abuse doctor, examined her.

The physician stated the injuries indicated long-term physical and $exual abuse.

Munoz provided a Passaic, New Jersey residence.

“These children will wear the physical and mental scars of the defendant’s behaviour for the rest of their lives,” Stollsteimer said. “Sadly, we can’t rectify this tragedy, but rest assured that we will do everything we can to help these victims and bring the defendant accountable.”

Police reported:

Munoz played “swap bodies.” Munoz slapped victims to engage their alternate identities.

• Munoz broke a glass teapot and injured a victim’s skull.

• Munoz burned a youngster with a stove burner.

• Munoz whacked one victim in the head with a baseball bat, drawing blood. The youngster put a bleeding hand on her head, and Munoz licked it.

• Munoz sent the kids out a basement window to buy narcotics. She forced older victims to drink and consume marijuana.

• Repeated genital scorching and branding.

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